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  • I find no fault worth mention about this great extension that helps me out in so many ways.
  • Works fine, but the developer is super needy and demands way too much attention. Tries to force you to sign up for their hosting service and hides other save functionality. Pops up a "what's new" tab pretty much every time I restart my browser.

    UPDATE: "Save as Image" doesn't actually work, minus another star.
  • On Chrome, Nimbus was my choice of Video Capture, I paid and it was easy. I have switched to FireFox and the option for Record Video isn't included. And, I can't log in to my account.
  • Love this add on! I have saved a lot of time because of it.
  • very good screen Capture have all fields. very oractice and useful. thanks
  • A little finicky if you try and capture at a zoom level other than 100%. Otherwise it did the job for me (I'm revoking the permissions after capturing however, thought they were very generous).
  • Excellent extension easy to use, save me a load of time
  • Отличное дополнение. Единственное неудобство - слишком много нажатий и ожиданий для сохранения всей страницы целиком без редактирования. Хотелось бы не более двух кликов (1 - кнопка в браузере и 2 - пункт меню "сохранить всю страницу без редактирования").
  • Давно пользуюсь! Отлично! Есть всё нужное для захвата и редактирования скриншотов!
  • Cuts off 20px to the left
  • Excellent!
  • Super Klasse funktioniert hervorragend