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Too bad it doesn't work at all! I am looking actively for a recommendation system but all I find is broken softwares. When you use Feedly like me, you can't easily discover new articles from sources you don't know and thats a shame : why more systems like that one doesn't exist ??
Sorry for my English, I am French.

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OPML Fehler !

It didn't work Puntuado con 1 de 5 estrellas

Interface did not work

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When adding a news feed to newsitter the result is Not found. It seems is down permanently.


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I've enjoyed using Newssitter for several years and with a recent PC upgrade i downloaded the add-on once more only to find that all of the feeds are now static, non-clickable. I've reinstalled & reached out to tech support several times all to no avail so hopefully someone will see this post and fix this problem. The add-on was great & perhaps one of the best tools available for Firefox, back when it worked...

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I've had Newssitter for awhile and I could left click on the article and open the full article in a new firefox window and now I can't did you change that or is there another problem

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Die letzten Firefox Updates haben dafür gesorgt, dass dieses AddOn quasi unbrauchbar geworden ist.

DIe News sieht man zwar noch in der Vorschau, die Links zu den Artikeln lassen sich aber nicht mehr öffnen.

Wenn man ein Youtube-Video im Vollbildmodus öffnet, erscheint die Steuerleiste des AddOns am linken Bildrand und nach dem Schließen des Vollbilds ist die gesamte Sidebar mit dem AddOn verschwunden. Man muss dann Newssitter erst deaktivieren und dann wieder aktivieren...

Nicht mehr zu gebrauchen!!! Schade, da ich bislang keine Alternative gefunden habe.

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I lost all my buttons in the toolbar, after the install!!!! How I restore them? By hand?
The Rss sidebar is always visible, I don't want it to be always visible.
The addon shows me rss I don't need. I have mine in my bookmarks, but I don't see them on the panel.

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Best RSS reader for FF, and OmniSidebar add-on completes it perfectly.

Two little features are missing :
It would be nice to hide news marked as read without refreshing manually.

Option to open news in a new tab by default.


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I really like this add-on. I can keep track of all my feeds.
I mainly use it to keep up with the many web comics I read.
I have so many webcomics that I need the use the scroll function to see them all, so it supports many feeds!

The only things that bothers me is that I constantly need to mark the items I've read as unread because they will be deleted otherwise. I like to keep those items for future reference.

My other issue is that it's not theme-able en looks a bit different then the rest of my firefox.

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1. The add-on would be really great if it has a button like: 'mark as read/delete article from the list'. There is number of news pieces I just won't read, and don't want to see them all the time.
2. Also if I click on the post it should disappear from the sidebar as I am not interested in it anymore. It should not show itself in recommendations as well, it is frustrating seeing on and on the same article.
3. I would like if there was a way to organize feeds into categories or so.
4. It would be nice if there was something like 'save' article for further reading.
5. After clicking on one post the list in the sidebar returns up and you must scroll all the way down again to get to the next post.
Please make the changes. :(
* What I really like is that there are images next to articles, those are really helpful! Thanks!

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Feedback (1.) and (2.) implemented in Version 2.4.1

I have added a mark-as-read button in the top right corner of a news item.
When you mark a news item as read, it will disappear from the sidebar after next refresh.

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1. Не понял как по быстрому удалить кучу ненужных RSS лент с полки.
2. Так и не понял есть-ли быстрый способ вернутся на полку из ленты.
3. Очень мутный юзабилити, к тому-же без русификации.
4. Читать RSS невозможно, так как вместо текста, заголовок темы со ссылкой - идея линков неплохая, но опционально хотелось-бы именно читать RSS без перехода на сайт.

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Too complex to use. Not at all intuitive. All this big colorful thumbnail may depict metro interface but these are pretty useless and distracting. These actually hide the real commands to subscribe and download particular feeds. installed and used it but couldn't figure out what is to be done, where are the actual commands, so deleted it.
If you had ever used now-dead google reader you would have known what is a simple useful intuitive interface.

0/10 marks to this add on.

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One Click Installation of Feeds

Only Newssitter provides a one click installation of predefined feeds. Open the library of feeds by selecting the "plus" icon. Then click on the feed. That is all for an installation of a feed. The feed will be opend in the sidebar and the feed content will be shown.

Otherwise you can use the default functionality of your Firefox to add individual feeds to your Newssitter.

In my opinion this is an intuitive functionality. Most users like them. I would be glad if you change your mind of my free and open source feed reader.

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personally I do not like the view tabs are loaded too, unable to put an icon for the stream, and an unpleasant visibility.

I let everyone choose to use and or love. for me, I preferred another :)

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It is an awesome addon for RSS fans. Good enough to stop using other RSS readers. Best thing is that all data stays secure in your desktop. It is minimal. Interface is clutterless.

The tag cloud, recommendations, and news sources are unqiue features that I haven't seen in other apps. Developer deserves praise for reinventing RSS readers.

I hope developer will keep updating it with new features.

Following are the few quirks that I noticed in it.

1. Once you have read an article, there is no way for you to mark it as read or hide or delete it from the list. So very soon your list gets cluttered with read items that hide unread items. Addon should grey-out read items to differentiate between read and unread items.

2. You cannot organize feeds into folder. Say I subscribed to couple of blogs on Vim Editor. Now I would like to have them in a folder so that I can see all the posts related to Vim with a click.

3. You cannot set feed icon. I can change the title and description of the feed but I cannot change the icon. Having a custom icon for every feed will make it easier and faster to hunt and click.

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Ich hätte wirklich gern meine News in der Sidebar, finde aber keine zufriedenstellende Lösung. Auch Newssitter sagt mir nicht zu, aus den folgenden Gründen:

- Ein eigener Toolbar, der auch angezeigt wird, wenn andere Erweiterungen die Sidebar benutzen, ist mir zu vordringlich.
- Die Icons im Toolbar wirken unscharf und sind für meinen Geschmack zu groß
- Die Felder, in denen die Newsüberschriften im Sidebar angezeigt werden, sind viel zu groß und benötigen deswegen zu viel Platz. Offenbar wird die Schriftart und Schriftgröße vom Firefox-GUI übernommen, und lässt sich im Newssitter nicht anders, insbesondere kleiner, einstellen.
- Warum werden beim Zeigen auf einzelne News mit der Maus die zugehörigen Inhalte bzw. der erste Absatz der zugehörigen News nicht als Tooltipp angezeigt, wie es beispielsweise LiveClick ganz wunderbar beherrscht (welches seit Firefox 22 leider nicht mehr funktioniert)?

Insgesamt leider derzeit für mich noch zu viele Nachteile und Einschränkungen.

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Newssitter Toolbar und Icons einstellen

Danke für das Feedback!
- Die Newssitter Toolbar kann man ganz einfach über den Newssitter Schalter in der Adressleiste des Browsers an und ausschalten.
- Als Icons für die Feeds werden die Standard Firefox Favicons der Webseiten verwendet. Die Auflösung der Favicons werden von den Webseiten vorgegeben, nicht von Newssitter. Die Qualität der Favicons kann Newssitter nicht beeinflussen. Für eine der nächsten Versionen von Newssitter ist vorgesehen, die Icons individuell ändern zu können.
- Der Newssitter nutzt die Standard Schriftarten des Firefox für die Sidebar, damit sich die Schriftarten an evtl. individuelle Styles der Users mit anpassen können.
- Es ist für eine der nächsten Versionen von Newssitter vorgesehen, den ersten Absatz der News bei Klick auf den vorhandenen Schalter "mehr" mit anzuzeigen.

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I've been searching for a Rockmelt appbar replacement and this is it! But can we have the option to make picture previews in the newsfeed larger? This would be great for people that subscribe to lots of picture feeds. Rockmelt used to give more space for each newsfeed so that it could have larger pictures:

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Always up-to-date Puntuado con 5 de 5 estrellas

A very charming and easy way to stay up-to-date. Especially the recommendations help to know the whole truth.

In addition, I would like to see a read it later function as well as a background updating, thus I don't miss news anymore.

Stay tuned!

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Besonders gut gefällt mir der übersichtliche Zugriff auf die verschiedenen Feeds. Die Newsempfehlungen führen mich immer wieder auf sehr interessante und neue Beiträge. Super!

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Definitely 5* Puntuado con 5 de 5 estrellas

Many thanks for the improvement. It is now my reader of choice. Thank you.

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