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  • A good idea, sadly if you already drank the kool-aid you'll probably claim this is leftist propoganda - much like a lot of incovenient facts.

    I do think there is something potentially dangerous about a company deciding what is acceptable, independent or not. Ultimately, if education did it's job and critical thinking was championed over ignorance, this wouldn't at all be necessary.
  • brilliant should be mandatory for all browsers and news outlets
  • Fairly accurate rating for most sites. I personally disagree with some of the detailed assessments but the Green / Red assignments are pretty spot on. No news source is perfect but this extension easily identifies a news organization versus a tabloid infotainment site.
  • Daily Mail? Untrustworthy? Absolutely spot on- thanks.
  • Works as described, doesn't create issues with browsing, provides useful information as a backup to using your brain to evaluate what you read. This add-on is usable right out of the box without the need to fiddle around setting it up. I especially like that it will show the ratings on links as well as on pages. This add-on does not block anything or prevent you from viewing any link or page, it simply gives you another data point to use when you evaluate a link or page for reliability. More info is always good!
  • Extension gives a rating that is fairly permissive depending on a number of criteria, but *not* whether it's left/right bias (a lot the the 'reviews' have not understood this) and clicking through will give you a detailed explanation for that rating. If you have a relative if gets their news from palmer report, american thinker, swivel-eyed loons on youtube or similar then this extension may well be helpful for them.

    On the downside, there's no options to make the extensions less intrusive.
  • Nice unobtrusive display system with the grading identifier embedded in web searches, facebook posts and in the toolbar. As for its accuracy, it gets Breitbart and Daily Mail spot on as being full of fiction, and the Washington Post, New York Times, Guardian UK and BBC as being pretty reliable sources. Can't argue with that personally. Just a shame the trolls are ahead of the game in rating the app and giving it an undeserved low score.
  • While this is a must-have addon, it is as well to remember that no amount of automation can replace rational thinking and common sense, so if you add that you should be fine.
    And take warning of many of these reviews - clearly many people have their own biases and this kind of add-on directly harms the credibility of their own ideologies, and an addon such as this only reveals the deficiencies of their favoured propaganda outlets.
  • Must have to protect yourself and your family from lies, hatred and disinformation. It would have been nice to have more customisable features the warning is too small.
  • A credible way to understand the veracity and credibility of information we see, provided by journalists. We have needed this for a long time to be a free people having clear facts.