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  • They say they can help discern what is true from what isn't, yet all the news sites they mark as 'green', or truthful seem to be the less truthful around. And the worst thing is that they're marking the most truthful as 'fake news'. This means that they aren't what they claim. What they are is probably more like a propaganda watchdog trying to control the access to real information on the internet.
  • The Thought Police is here to make sure you only get the information that they consider convenient for their particular agendas.

    "And if all others accepted the lie which the Party imposed—if all records told the same tale—then the lie passed into history and became truth."
  • Thank you for rating AlterNet green, NewsGuard.
  • NewsGuard Is controlled by pharmaceutical companies who use it to demonize alternative medicine websites like Dr. Mercola. Definitely not recommend.
  • This was useful before it started opening new windows for TOS acceptance every time you opened the browser, or now with a new window that it opens randomly. It's become hugely irritating so I just removed it from Firefox and Chrome.
  • An excellent adjunct to fact-checking news stories by providing evaluation of media sources' "trustworthiness." NewsGuard's operational of definition of trustworthiness is based on nine criteria, with each site evaluated given a full "report card" based on each of those criteria. A summary evaluation is also arrived at, but the individual evaluations are key. The extension has worked fine for me. My main disappointment is NewsGuard's recent announcement that it plans to start charging for access to its evaluations, which have been free until now.
  • The plugin tries to implement a further step of preserving the opinion leadership over the question what is fake news and what is truth. It is no surprise that independed blogs, with investigative journalismus which critisize e.g. NATO are almost comletely "red" > "nicht vertrauenswürdig". Trust vs. facts.
  • Dieses AddOn erteilt Ritterschläge für US-treue transatlantische Medien. Muss man wissen.
  • Becoming paid only.
  • Diese Erweiterung zeigt Bild.de als vertrauenswürdige News-Seite an. Sorry, das geht gar nicht!
  • Kann ja nicht neutral sein, wenn ehemalige Direktoren von US-Geheimdiensten und ehemalige Mitglieder der US-Regierung im Vorstand sitzen!