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  • it is asking for rating on before even experiencing it......
  • DO NOT use this theme. At least if you are using Firefox Version 52.5.0.
    It completely breaks the UI and the drop down menu are NOT clickable. You can't even disable it because you can't open up your addons window. You can't even force Firefox into Safe Mode because you can't access the browsers settings. You have been warned.

    If you are unlucky enough to have installed and enabled this Theme, then type the following into your URL. It will allow you to access your addons window while this theme is breaking your UI.

    I luckily was able to remove this theme by installing another working thing, as it auto-enabled the working theme and I could remove this broken one.
  • good
  • I was so happy this theme was working on v. 56, and now I've updated and got depressed. I've used this theme since forever, it doesn't even feel like I'm on firefox without it. Chatzilla also no longer works. I don't really understand anything about anything when it comes to software, maybe the changes are actually great, but it just sort of gets to a point where you become freaking annoyed when everytime you update half your extensions stop working, and now apparently some of them are gone for good. It was a good run tho, NNL was the best theme ever.

    Edit: Ok apparently from now on extensions will be more secure and wont stop working everytime firefox updates, which is a good thing I guess. Still, I've lost a few of my favorite and most used extensions in the process, and never had any security problems in the many years I've been using firefox to begin with, which means I remain disappointed at this update.

    This theme was awesome tho, my props to the developer and the people who may have helped maintain it over the years.
  • It's been great. Firefox 57 ruined a good thing. I don't know if I can stay with Firefox anymore. I feel like I'm lost with this new crap.
  • Argh, it's been the best and my favorite! Mozilla borked everything with 57.0!
  • Обожаю ее! Самая классная тема. 5 +
  • hi
    nice to see that this theme is back again and working with FFX 56! After a long period of time i installed this theme again: my most fav. theme in the past years. It wasn't always compatible with every release of FFx but now its nice to see you back again with the new compatible release of this theme!
  • With the update to Firefox 57 I don't believe we will be able to use this theme, so I am leaving Firefox after all these years. I just wanted to say thank you for an amazing theme. Hands down the best theme on Firefox, your theme was one of the biggest reasons for using Firefox. I don't know what your plans are but I still will keep an eye on your work. I feel like I'm leaving a job or something lol. Thank you from the bottom of my heart you made Firefox comfortable and usable. I'll miss you
  • Has this add-on been abandoned by it's developers? FOR SHAME!
  • I love this theme and enjoy it on Firefox v39 which is the version I'm stuck on because I had glitchy updates filled with bugs.I decided to roll back instead of changing browsers because of the ability to change themes when updating glitched my browser.
  • Hey mcdavis, i was hoping if you could share some information with us about wether you are ever going to update this awesome rocking theme or not.

    A lot of people agree with me that this is the absolute BEST theme firefox has ever had and we would love to see it updated. Using firefox 51, this theme either doesnt work anymore or is bugged if installed thru a workaround. Which is really sad, because no other theme compares to the greatness of NASA Night Launch.

    You would make a lot of people (including me) incredibly happy if you'd update+maintain this theme again. so please please please, do it for us. or at least give us a sign.

    and if u do fix this, maybe ill even buy u a few beers thru donation ;) ;) ;)
  • PLS update to FF 51!
  • If updates were more timely I'd give it a higher rating.
  • https://addons.mozilla.org/ru/firefox/addon/nasa-night-launch/reviews/815968/ | https://addons.mozilla.org/ru/firefox/addon/nasa-night-launch/reviews/812837/
  • I made an "Unofficial Update" for this theme! This is a fixed version that is probably working with all the new versions of Firefox v46+.

    I hope this will help the people who can't use anymore this very good theme! All the credit go to the original Authors...

    All I did is opening the XPI file with 7zip (the .xpi are zip archives) and I simply removed the specific file that is causing a problem with the new Firefox versions. This is 100% malware free! You can look it by yourself... It's Open Source! :D

    How to install: Download the XPI file using the link below and open it with your Firefox. It will open the install box.

    Download link: http://bit.ly/2g8IdXl
  • When will be available new versions for new firefox?
  • Gutes Thema was seid längerer Zeit nicht mehr Aktualisiert wird daher unbrauchbar. Schade war mein Lieblings Thema .

    Good topic which is not updated for a long time, therefore, unusable. Schade was my favorite subject.
  • This is by far the most elegant and fully featured black theme for FireFox. Highly recommened!
  • Hope it gets an update soon, so it will be usable with the latest FF-version...
  • Очень нравится эта "тема", но жаль не на всех версиях браузера она работает. Единственный минус. Спасибо большое разработчику, за тему.
  • Thank's John Sullivan it's Ok Now!!
  • Install Nasa Night Launch theme in Firefox 47 (or Whatever version you like)

    July 4, 2016

    I’ve recently updated Firefox to version 47, but the theme I use, Nasa Night Launch, has’t been updated since
    version 45, and it has become incompatible. As I want to keep using it while waiting for an update, I’ve used
    a workaround to forcibly install the old FF 45 version (there might be some bugs but I don’t really care),
    here is how you do this:

    Download the FF 45 version from the NNL official website or use an older version, whatever works.
    Open the file with any sort of zip/rar archiver
    Extract the file install.rdf and open it with a text editor

    Find the line


    and change 45 to 47. Save it and replace the old file in the acrhive with the updated one.
    Now open theme.jar (may not be present in older builds) with the archiver, you’ll find another file named
    install.rdf, do the same steps as before
    Close the archiver.

    Override add-on signing (advanced users)

    You can temporarily override the setting to enforce the add-on signing requirement by changing the preference
    xpinstall.signatures.required to false in the Firefox Configuration Editor on the about:config page. You can
    use the Search feature at the top. Support is not available for any changes made with the Configuration Editor
    so please do this at your own risk.

    Open the theme file with Firefox, allow the theme to be installed
    Enable the theme and enjoy!
  • hopefully some one updates this theme or i need to switch to chrome
  • I have been using NASA Night Launch as my Firefox theme since 2011. Every other option either hurts my eyes, is too busy, or is just plain less good.

    I desperately need an update so I can continue to use this with Firefox 47...