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The following URL,for example, is not working with dynamic dates feature. "http://epaper.andhrajyothy.com/PUBLICATIONS/AJ/AJyothi/2012/03/06/PagePrint/06_03_2012_001.pdf". I tried this by giving "http://epaper.andhrajyothy.com/PUBLICATIONS/AJ/AJyothi/{YYYY/MM/DD}/PagePrint/{DD}_{MM}_{YYYY}_001.pdf". First replacement works but not second one. Probably because of the format "DD_MM_YYYY". Please try to replace {DD}/{D} with date, {MM}/{M} with month and {YYYY}/{YY} with year where even they appear. We never know which URL uses which date format. Hence the suggestion. Please do this modification.

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Hi Whichy,

I have replied to your question on the support site.