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  • Works also in Waterfox but there's one small issue.
    Can't delete or edit blacklist entries in its setting page.
    Can you please update the addon so this issue in Waterfox is fixed ?

    Suggestion - please consider adding a github (or at least an email address) to make it easier to report bugs/issues.
    Thanks in advance.
  • Just great. Only missing details: an option to remove the mute icon on the tabs (especially when using whitelist mode)
    Thank you for your feedback!

    I thought about that feature but unfortunately correctly there isn't any way for an extension to hide the mute icon.

    You can hide the icon by editing the chrome.css file.
  • This addon should be baseline to Firefox, it's so simple and yet you won't realise you need it until it's gone. I switched to Firefox from Chrome recently and one feature that I really miss is being able to mute all tabs from specific sites. It's a tiny but handy quality of life feature, and MuteLinks improves on Chrome's built-in muter. The ability to change between whitelist and blacklist modes, and the optional right-click context menu, are both very useful features.
  • I would like to mute the card with WhatsApp on desktop browser - addon work great with this, thank you
  • As another poster said, it doesn't work on Firefox for Android. There is no way to save settings. I can add sites to the blacklist or whitelist, but they aren't getting saved. Same if I select mute by default or mute private tabs - the settings don't save and there is no save button.
  • Doesn't work in Firefox for Android
  • Useful but needs ability to export/import settings (blacklist, whitelist, etc)
  • It kinda works, but I've run into a major issue that I cannot figure out. Using FF 58.0.2 at the moment

    For example, if I whitelist "www.bbc.co.uk" and then navigate to www.bbc.co.uk/news the new page is muted once more, despite being on the same domain... Like wise if I whitelist the /news part of the domain and then navigate to say /news/world/ it's muted once more... It refuses to allow the entire domain to be whitelisted.

    I've not tested it on a huge number of sites so far... But I'd prefer a solution that worked on the sites I use a lot.

    Only 2 stars for now... if it's improved... so might my rating. :)
    My apologies for the delayed response,

    I'm currently working on it.

    And thank you for your feedback!
  • It works well with a blacklist, but muting by default and using a whitelist is much more problematic. Reloading a tab, using the reload button or Ctrl+R, always results in a muted page even if the site is whitelisted. Sometimes rules don't work as described, e.g. "google.com" doesn't also whitelist "calendar.google.com". And nothing I do seems to be able to unmute "about:newtab" (which would be nice just for aesthetics). The advertised regex support doesn't seem to work at all for the whitelist.

    I'm giving it three stars because it does work great with the blacklist. But I wasted a lot of time trying to get the whitelist to work.
    My apologies for the delayed response,

    I can confirm that reloading a whitelisted tab toggles the mute state, which seems to be related with the "calendar.google.com" issue and I'm currently working on it.

    About the "about:newtab" for me "about:blank" did the trick.

    About the regex you need to use slashes (/) at the start and beginning of the rule for the extension to recognize it as regex rule.
  • It works... usually. Most of the time. There are a decent number of ads that still manage to play sound through this addon.
  • It works pretty well.

    One bug in Firefox Quantum though. I have it set to Mute By Default with sites like youtube whitelisted. It works well if I open a Youtube link in a new tab for instance, it's not muted. Which is the behavior I'd expect.

    But if I open a new blank tab, that tab is muted. If I then navigate to Youtube, it doesn't unmute that tab.

    So basically it only works if the tab is opened directly to a site that's on the Whitelist.

    I also get the same bug as the other users where if I hit the Blue trashcan in the settings to remove a site, it freezes the whole settings panel.
    Thank you for reporting the issue. I will fix it this weekend.

    About the trashcan freeze, I found that it only seems to happen on Windows (works fine on Linux) so it looks like a Firefox bug. which I have to report.

    EDIT: I have tested your setup in three different environments (Including Windows and Linux machines and Firefox 57 and Firefox Nightly) and the YouTube tab was always unmuted while in whitelist mode. Keep in mind that if you manually mute/unmute a tab my extension will stop changing that tab's mute state. This is to prevent you from having to create a new rule just to temporarily check a few sites.
  • This extension rocks! It works perfectly.
  • It works well. I used it to mute Twitch's frontpage streamers.
  • This is a good extension to have but I am experiencing the same thing as nowix where in the settings where you can whitelist and blacklist, whenever I add a link and try to add another or delete it, it freezes. Please fix this as soon as you can I really need this addon.
  • Great work, thanks. I have a bug on the addon settings panel : when I click on the blue trash icon of any url, the entire settings page freezes and doesn't respond until I reload it. I can't remove url I added.
    Thank you for letting me know of such issue. Unfortunately I can't seem to reproduce the issue on any of my machines and different versions of Firefox. But after clicking the blue trashcan icon it should display a pop-up with a confirm remove dialog. As a workaround while I can't solve the issue, please use the tab-context menu "Add/edit entry to Blacklist" option to remove or add a page to the Blacklist or Whitelist.
  • Going back to a different URL in the same tab doesn't unmute.

    I have googlevideo.com as a blacklist site. I return to "youtube.com" and the tab is still muted. That's not what I intented to achieve.

    Thanks for this nice addon!
    Thank you warning me. I will look in to it soon.

    EDIT: It seems that it was a change in Nightly and it have been fiixed in version 0.2.1 - 2017-09-23