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I find this addon very interesting. After some use I found the following problems :

- Severe interference with 'FloatNotes' addon ( ) ... which is another very interesting addon I already use.

- Before installing MAF ... when I read in the spanish main page “Guarda EXACTAMENTE lo que ve” which translated to english comes to “it saves EXACTLY what you see” ... I got extremelly excited. I like customizing Firefox very much (the default zoom size and the default font size) ... on the other hand I am a heavy user of Adblock Plus , Element Hiding Helper for ABP ... and Ghostery. When I made various tests and found the saved pages with different zoom and font sizes ... and some gifs, frames and BANNERS around ... I couldn't avoid feeling disappointed.

- The yellow strip at the top when recovering a saved page is annoying.

- Sometimes the options 'Save as...' , 'Save page in archive as...' , 'Save tabs in archive as...' and 'Save all tabs in archive as...' from the submenu 'Mozilla Archive Format' at Tools menu ... ... sometimes these options DISAPPEAR from the menu ... not greyed but disappear !!!

All in all ... I repeat, I find the addon very interesting ... but I can't afford it by now. I would love to use it in the future.

Ps.- I have tested MAF 2.0.6 in Firefox 12.0 over Kubuntu Oneiric amd64.

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Thank you for your detailed testing and review of Mozilla Archive Format. The new alpha version 3.0 is now available in the Preview Channel at the official website (, you may want to check it out to see if it improves your experience. If you still see any issues, you're welcome to report them on the Mozilla Archive Format mailing list or newsgroup ( so that the add-on can be improved.