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  • Sir, thank you for this addon! It's just what I wanted. I have about 5-10 profiles of Firefox, few of them created for testing addons and webdevelopment. Now I will install this addon to all of them. It's perfect and simplifies navigation in bookmark area.
    I love it and I will write about this addon in my article about Firefox.


  • I've created update for this addon.
    My version works also with Downloads and viewing Page Source.

  • This addon should come with FFox.
    The only bug I've found is on the newly released Firefox20, new download feature. When I click "show all downloads" it opens in a windows and not in a Tab.

    Keep up the excellent work!

  • When opening places manager from new download panel (available in nightly) - it's open in window. Can u fix it?

  • Where is the project host page?? I am interested. I like it.
    Need more development!
    It should be the default on Firefox, but while we wait ...

  • Works great!

    It's long out of date but it still works. I'm surprised Heartripper didn't upload his beta 3 version to here.

    You can get it from his dropbox:

  • Good addon. Works great in Firefox 13. I think you should not stop working on it. It's been a year since the last update.

  • Works fine in FF7. Great work. I hope to see some updates.

  • Very very great work.
    Bug report: the forward button in Places is missing the left border ;)

  • Should be in Firefox 6!

  • Wonderful addon and idea! Very well designed, too! For a future version, could you add support for about:neterror? Just make similiar to the about:config style.

    edit: also, works just fine in Nightly 7.0a1

  • Update it for Firefox 5 please!

    Love this add-on! :D

  • It needs to be updated to fit v.7.0a1 ;)

  • its great so far
    feature suggest: open in new tab from bookmarks doesnt change places apptab focus,,
    feature suggest: incontent options & download dialogs
    this features are allready planned for firefox 10 !!

  • Liked it so far. Why isn't download manager on your to-do list?

  • Places need additional styling.