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Was running like a charm but since the last update of Thunderbird (Ubuntu 16.04/Thunderbird 52.1.1), it does not move to tray anymore when closing window (terminates Thunderbird instead) and when minimizing, the icon shown in tray is very small (about 10 pixels wide) while it was the same size as others before.

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Great add-on ! As it was said before, this feature should be implemented in thunderbird options.
But since last thunderbird update (52.1.1), MinimizeToTray only minimizes thunderbird to tray when minimizing window but not when closing window (it quits thunderbird instead). I only tried on linux installs (ubuntu and archlinux).

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Making my Firefox minimized really kill my browser opening time when working while keeping my task bar cleaner.

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Tested on Thunderbird 52.0 (32-bit) with Windows 10 x64 and works just fine. Just one detail: You must set manually (from windows tray settings) the tray icon to be always shown. Plug-in's setting doesn't seem to work.

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When writing a new mail, another tray icon is created so there are two thunderbird icons. Newly created one is unclickable and does not disappear unless thunderbird is terminated.

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Just tested this on Thunderbird 45.7.0 inside of Windows 10. Works as expected. I have mine configured as such: Minimize to tray - instead of closing and when minimizing, Click Behavior - Double Click to restore, show context menu on right click.

And it works perfectly in windows 10. I still get my email pop up notification when i get new emails, when minimized to the tray, and the context menu from right clicking in the tray allows me to tell Thunderbird to check for new mail. Overall, I am Highly satisfied with this add-on, and would definitely recommend this to anyone using the latest version of thunderbird that is looking to minimize to the tray.

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Thanks, works on Archlinux, i3. Unfortunately the icon didn't show the "new mails" counter, which is why I wanted a tray icon in the first place, so no 5 stars, sorry, it's useless to me.

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From time to time, the tray icon does not restore Thunderbird when clicked. Minimizing all open windows (by clicking Show desktop) makes click-to-restore work again.
Tested with Minimizetotray 1.3.2, Thunderbird portable 45.6.0 on Windows 10 Anniversary update. It behaved the same with an older Thunderbird portable and older add-on version.

Warum muss ich selbst für Pale Moon an der install.rdf basteln? Puntuado con 4 de 5 estrellas

Funktioniert, aber ich muss die chrome.manifest und install.rdf editieren und die Meta-Inf entfernen, damit es in Pale Moon funktioniert.
Beim Maximieren aus dem Tray "flackert" das Fenster kurz, das war früher nicht so.

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Zunächst mal, es tut was es soll, es minimiert Thunderbird in den SysTray. Leider mehrfach. Immer wenn man man ein neues Mail schreib, oder eines beantwortet kommt ein weiteres Icon hinzu. In den Einstellungen kann man im Reiter "Thunderbird" den Haken bei "Nachrichtenfenster" und "Verfassen Fenster" entfernen, hat aber keinen Effekt. Man kann auch die Icons nicht einzeln entfernen. Nur am Haupticon beenden und dann Thunderbird neu starten. Das ist lästig, schade. Sonst gäb's fünf Punkte.

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I really don't understand why I need an add-on for this feature to be in Thunderbird! :P

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Icon in tray is blured.
minimize on close setting does nothing, it just always closes

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Not working on Linux Mint 18, FF 49
Please update

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This works wonderfully, just like I wish it would. The only thing is that when FF is minimized in the tray and I click the program icon in the taskbar, a new window opens. Would it be possible to open the minimized instance in the system tray instead of a new windows when clicking on the taskbar icon?

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O desenvolvedor está de parabéns, a extensão cumpre com imensa facilidade o que promete. Fazia tempo que eu me perguntava por algo assim, e numa rápida busca encontrei. Agora consigo manter mais limpa minha área de trabalho. Obrigado!

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Good Job! <3

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I love this addons. Free my taskbar space. Thank you!