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Nice addon, but I don't like it to overlay the scroll bar.

Since what I was Iooking for was a way to autohide addon bar, I tried sucessfully to make Minimize Addon-Bar to work with AutoHide Statusbar addon, which now it's not hosted here, and also the latest version released, 0.4.7, it's not even hosted in the developer's web page
but you can find it here
AHS 0.4.7 works with FF>=4 at least to FF 8.0a1 (nightly at this moment) along with Minimize Addon-bar (while the previous versions of AHS addon I could find, don't work along with MAB), but with some limitations:
-- AHS 0.4.7 only hides status bar (FF<4) specific icons, which means it doesn't hide current addon bar (FF>=4) specific icons (both status and addon bars specific icons are mixed in the new add-on bar tha substitutes status bar in FF>=4). At this moment add-on bar specific icons are a minority, I only have 2 of them from NoScript and Scriptish addons among a bunch of other addons, so that AHS 0.4.7 bar doesn't hide that icons nor the button to show/hide the bar MAB creates, but as long as that the amount of addon bar specific icons in the different addons around grows, the part of the bar that AHS 0.4.7 don't hide, will be not so big.
-- As AHS is not being updated regularly, there's some inapropriate things, like the feature for showing the status bar when hovering on a link, in FF>=4 this is a browser feature; with MAB, link info on hovering shows appart the add-on bar so AHS feature about it, is not needed. AHS 0.4.7 on FF>=4 behaves weird or doesn't work if some preferences set are selected, making it to permanently hide the status bar icons (as if that specific option was selected), or making it to hide the AHS icon in the addon bar. I use this preferences set that make this addon work on FF>=4 for me
-- Also, when changing settings of AHS 0.4.7, I needed to restart for the new settings to take effect, specially after a non working preferences set was in effect.
-- Finally the AHS 0.4.7 is only working for me on maximized windows, i.e. it doesn't show the hidden status bar specif icons on hovering the bottom of the window for non maximized windows.

There's also an alternative (better one for me) to autohide the addon bar with Stylish addon and some of the userstyles available:
My favorite is:
easy to edit for tweaking settings to remove visual effects, with this one I can get a very similar output with a fixed size addon bar as this Minimize Addo-Bar addon gives, but being able to hide all the icons in the addon bar, not only the status bar specific icons, and the hovering trigger at the window bottom works despite the window is not maximized, in opossitiion to AHS previously described behavior.