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  • Режет майнеров как и все существующие дополнения. Но не все существующие дополнения имеют такие настройки как у данного дополнения))
  • Düzgün çalışan tek engelleyici, güvenle kullanın
  • it works perfectly everywhere
    even at http://tainies.online
    thanks a lot
  • Did not work for me on page https://tainies.online/

    edit: added link
    edit: updated review from 1 to 4 starts because the team showed real interest and fixed the issue at the page mentioned above really soon. Yet, the address of the mining script has also changed and is again not blocked.
    edit: updated to 5 stars, as the guys show great commitment. Keep up the good job.
    We would appreciate it if you could share the link where you think it didn't work. Thank you.

    Edit: Fixed in version 1.1.7
    Edit 2: Thanks for reaching us again, this should be fixed in v1.1.11. You can use this link to report future issues https://github.com/xd4rker/MinerBlock/issues
  • Brilliant work. Thank you for making open source.
  • Excellent!
  • Muito boa