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  • Excellent
  • The only one really working!
  • maybe one of the most important addons for firefox (& one can trust).
  • The most reliable miner block that I have come across. The active behavior detection makes it superior to all other add-ons that I have tried. Keep it up! :)

    However, it has recently failed me for the very first time on the website www.onitube.com, maybe you can fix it :)

    Thank you!
    Thanks for the review!
    You can add this to your custom filters until I release an update:


    Edit: Fixed in v1.2.4
  • Used this both on Firefox and Chrome, def the best blocker for Mining scripts.
    The feature to search and destory for miners that aren't on the official block list is amazing.
    Seriously good work, keep it up!

    You should add a feature to show total miners blocked, and perhaps a website list where miners were blocked, could be neat.
    Thanks, a feature to list statistics about blocked miners is already planned for a future release, the website list too ;)
  • Leider ist es mir nicht ersichtlich ob ich die Filterlist noch selber importieren muss oder nicht!

    wenn man versucht sie zu importieren kann man sie nicht speichern weil in line 154,155,156 der * am ende fehlt.

    und obwohl in der liste vorhanden kann ich den test auf der seite https://coinhive.com/ starten.

    Ansonsten denke ich das es eine ganz brauchbare Erweiterung ist

    You don't need to import anything, MinerBlock is already configured with a built-in filter list.
    You can test it here https://cryptojackingtest.com
  • It blocks cryptojackers
  • Yes,it seems working.
  • Je ne suis pas sûr que cette extension fonctionne : elle n'a rien bloqué depuis son installation. Étrange... J'ai essayé le lien donnée plus bas (https://tainies.online/) : rien :(
    Apparemment, ils ont enlevé le mineur. Tu peux vérifier l'usage de ton CPU depuis le task manager :)

    Edit: Voici où tu peux la tester https://cryptojackingtest.com
  • You NEED a more indept & multy approch to ALL kinds of virus
  • cool
  • does its job! really great ext.
  • not catching the miners. my anti virus gives me a warning and blocks access to the miners but the extension gives no indication that miners are on the website.
    MinerBlock won't be able to detect it since it was already blocked by your Antivirus, which is normal. Please try to disable your AV and test again. If it still doesn't work, tell us which website you are visiting and we'll look into it. Thanks!
  • It does its very good
  • Режет майнеров как и все существующие дополнения. Но не все существующие дополнения имеют такие настройки как у данного дополнения))
  • Düzgün çalışan tek engelleyici, güvenle kullanın
  • it works perfectly everywhere
    even at http://tainies.online
    thanks a lot
  • Did not work for me on page https://tainies.online/

    edit: added link
    edit: updated review from 1 to 4 starts because the team showed real interest and fixed the issue at the page mentioned above really soon. Yet, the address of the mining script has also changed and is again not blocked.
    edit: updated to 5 stars, as the guys show great commitment. Keep up the good job.
    We would appreciate it if you could share the link where you think it didn't work. Thank you.

    Edit: Fixed in version 1.1.7
    Edit 2: Thanks for reaching us again, this should be fixed in v1.1.11. You can use this link to report future issues https://github.com/xd4rker/MinerBlock/issues