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  • do not block pirate bay
  • Nice, But will there be an update? It is been a year and there are no updates.
  • Hasn't been updated in a while (which is worrying), but it still works 99% of the time pretty much flawlessly.
    Thanks for the review. I understand that it's a bit worrying, I've just been so busy these couple of months. I'm planning on pushing an update by the start of the next month :)
  • cumple lo que promete, me ha ayudado a bloquear minado de paginas que con otros no logro bloquear
  • Excellent.
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  • i think it's working? please keep it updated thanks.
    An update will be released soon :)
  • About two days after I installed this add-on, today suddenly my computer started freezing time and again, freezing so much I had to shut him down by unplugging the power cable!
    I started to examine everything, hardware, software and it showed that Firefox was the culprit!
    As nothing else was different or new or updated than the days before, I concluded, minerBlock must have done that freezing.
    I deleted it and - oh wonder - Firefox works fine again.
  • Excelente funciona bien.
  • If you can add support for mobiles, you will make this extension more useful.
    Mobile support is already planned for a future release.
  • minerBlock is amazing! Its open source and very simple and clean with the design.
  • Thank you so lot that you always working on it!! (I like to reading here your support!)
    Great Developer (y) ;)
    Some of the other developer quits some time later :( So i want share my respect for your working time!
    Best wishes for you future & greetings from Germany :)
  • A must tool for protecting oneself in the Internet. But there must be something wrong with the widget, the settings button cannot be clicked.
    Thanks for the review!

    Are you using it in a private window? If so, MinerBlock has a few problems with private mode, that should be fixed in the next releases.