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  • I make rblivingston's words my own. I too miss it at Firefox 2.0.
    It was a unique theme because the author was able to create elegance from its sheer simplicity and perfect combination of colors (light green and dark gray).
    Yes, the buttons were sensible and I used to love them because of that.
    Unfortunately it's all history now.

  • At Firefox 20.0-- I still miss Miint!!

    It was tasteful and elegant with a green that was easy on the eyes. The icons were sensible too.

  • this one is one of the best ever, sadly I went using linux and the newest firefox works perfect now - so i had to say goodbye. please update

  • Please Update

  • 强烈要求更新!害的我现在只能用默认主题

  • OMG. I absolutely loooove this awesome theme. It's so simple and cute and the most perfect shade of green. If only you had updated it so that it works with Firefox 3.6.13... I feel bad that I updated because now I can't enjoy your great theme. D:

  • This is an one of my favorite theme.

    But UPDATE speed is too SLOW to use it!

  • Perfect, except the "small icons" are much too large. Especially for those of us who keep the back/forward/refresh buttons on the same bar with file/view/tools/etc.

    They're enough of a nuisance for me to stop using the theme.

  • For my taste, this is the best theme on FP. Easy on the eyes and ......tranquil. Great work!!!
    Hope there is an update so that it will work with FP 3.6.

  • i like it !!

  • I absolutely love it. i mean it's green what more can you say. but with my new updates I can no longer use it. Please make an update for it. There is no need to change it, as it is perfect. if you do i will worship u ^__^

  • This is such a great theme - easy on the eyes and it looks great. It also needs an update to work with Firefox 3.6! I hope this happens soon - I haven't found any other themes I like x_x

  • This theme is my most favorite kind of FF adds-on. Hopefully, the updated version will be produced as soon as possible! I used it over 1 year already.

  • There is a proverb in the Firefox theme world that I just made up. It goes something like this: there are only 2 Firefox themes that don't sting my eyes when I see them. This is one of them.

  • Best theme by a mile.

  • Can you put this theme with another color like blue from a script?

  • .....using 'Miint' under 'Mint' seems relevant.... but I'm not sure about the black detail on the tabs, though.... fatally flawed. Congrats on your new addition.....!!! David Crawford.

  • I miss the 2.0 version as well...
    Especially the favorites toolbar. Please, I love your theme... Can't you get the style back from 2.0 and put it in a 3.0 version?

  • This used to be a beautiful theme with a minimalistic approach just ruined in this 3.0 version. What a pity!

  • Very miinty! :)

  • Review of Miint 2.080708:
    It's an OK theme on Fx 3/3.5, but this theme isn't my cup of tea anymore. I liked the Fx 2 version of this theme better.

  • Nice theme.I give 4 starts because Firefox 3.5 has this new tab buttons next to the tabs.Here it's is missing.First I thought that this is useless but I got used to it and now I think that this button is a good new feature to Firefox.I hope that you'll fix this in the next update.

  • I really like this theme, but you should offer the same theme in other colors, too.. :)

  • Just the right amount of mint!!

    5 Star Quality

  • a beautiful, soothing contrast to all the chrome and gradients in my os! it would be my new theme, but i can't get multi-row tabs via tab mix plus to work, and i just can't live like that. i also wish the bookmark and status bars were lighter. some of the icons there get lost in the gray.