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¿Por qué se creó Masking Agent?

I noticed that the browser revealed a lot more information than I wanted. There are many add-ons available that let you select a different user-agent string, some even navigator properties, but none of those adhere to all of the following concepts:
* the add-on should modify the HTTP request header User-Agent to reveal neither the OS nor the CPU;
* the add-on should modify all properties of the javascipt object navigator that reveal the OS or the CPU;
* the modified User-Agent should not simulate a completely different environment, but maintain the original browser name and version;
* browser version updates should have no impact on hiding the platform details, and hiding the platform details should have no impact on browser version updates;
* the add-on should be restartless to facilitate easy switching when the platform information is temporarily useful;
* the text that is used instead of the OS or CPU information should be configurable.
So, I made Masking Agent.

Cuál es el futuro de Masking Agent

After a toolbar button to activate/deactivate Masking Agent (v1.4.0) and an option to use a randomized text to replace the platform information (also v1.4.0), what should be next? All ideas are welcome.

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