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I noticed this add-on mentioned in a blog post for another add-on that only added icons to the menu items. Your add-on has that option (with my preferred icon set, Silk) with many, many other useful options disabled by default. I became scared when I saw the old review, but was relieved to see the update in February. Australis is supposed to disable the title bar, among other features that are making many people upset with Mozilla. Hopefully, they'll back track on this decision or provide a MOZILLA created add-on since the response to complaints of the dumbing down is that developers can bring back all removed features with with a little scripting. Whether Mozilla creates this add-on or a 3rd party, expect the change and hopefully the necessity to support it. I use Tab Mix Plus, but looking at the design vision from the UX team's mailing list, it won't be needed much longer, and I'll finally be able to use the locked tabs feature. Keep up the great work and thanks for supporting us Nightly users!

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