Conoce al desarrollador de Magnifier

¿Por qué se creó Magnifier?

After the March Devtools London meet, Paul published a quick gist implementing a very native version of -to-be- developer tool "Magnifier". I liked the idea, and since the portability of the script was pretty easy, I converted the gist into a restart-less add-on.

Cuál es el futuro de Magnifier

While version 0.1 was a direct (but a very minor improvement) conversion of the gist into an add-on, Version 0.2 brings about a lot of new features, User Interface improvements and Cross platform compatibility, thus getting closer towards being a fully fledged Developer Tool. And maybe this add-on might make into Firefox itself.

Acerca de los desarrolladores

Información del desarrollador
Nombre Girish Sharma
Ocupación Software Engineer
Usuario desde September 25, 2010
Número de complementos desarrollados 8 complementos
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¿Quién es Girish Sharma?

I am a Web Developer with main focus on Developer Tools and User Experience with little touch of Design.<br/>I like JavaScript and all the upcoming features of ES6.

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Nombre Paul Rouget
Usuario desde November 6, 2008
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