Historial de versiones de MacOSX Theme (Firefox 4+)

7 versiones

¡Ten cuidado con las versiones antiguas!

Estas versiones se muestran con propósitos de referencia y pruebas. Debes usar siempre la última versión de un complemento.

Versión 2.0.1 1003.7 KiB Funciona con Firefox 15.0 - 56.*

Changes in Ver 2.0.1
Fixed a bug: hide disabled controls on "about:addons".

Changes in Ver 2.0.0
1. Supporting firefox 15.0 ~ 28.0a2
2. Changing button, scrollerbar, menulist, tabbox and treecol style to MacOSX 10.9.
3. Changing notification & download panel background color (from black to gray).

Versión 1.8.1 821.1 KiB Funciona con Firefox 15.0 - 22.0a1

1. Fixed some bugs in version 1.8:
a) The bug on "Customize Toolbar" dialog.
b) Supporting for development tools.
2. Changes minimum version of Firefox to 15.0

Versión 1.7.0 642.0 KiB Funciona con Firefox 4.0b7 - 14.0

1. Now it is compatible with Firefox 7.0a1.
2. Fixed some CSS errors.

Versión 1.6.0 642.0 KiB Funciona con Firefox 4.0b7 - 6.*

Changes in Ver 1.6.0
1. Now it is compatible with Linux(test on Ubuntu 11.04).
2. Add UndoClose icon for "Tab Mix Plus" and "Tab Utilities Lite"
3. Fix bug: disbaled menuitem is't displayed as gray.
4. Other small changes.

Changes in Ver 1.5.0
1. Now it is compatible with Tab Mix Plus.
2. Add background color for hint text at the bottom left corner.
3. Fixed errors of "Tab Candy" page.
4. Adjust background of toolbars, it is better than old version.
5. Add styles for notify box at bottom right corner when download is end.
6. Change menulist corners from square to round.
7. Fixed blue box possition when numberbox is focused, and add up/down arrow at right of numberbox.
8. Change blue box border from 1px to 2px when textbox is focused.

Versión 1.4.0 637.0 KiB Funciona con Firefox 4.0b7 - 5.*

1. Fix a bug of "Add-ons Manager". In preview version, icon width on "Add-ons Manager" is stretched.
2. Modify background of "Edit Bookmark" panel. Now background color is light than previous version, and it is semi-opaque.

Versión 1.3.0 637.0 KiB Funciona con Firefox 4.0b7 - 4.0.*

Versión 1.2.0 637.0 KiB Funciona con Firefox 4.0b7 - 4.0.*

1. Fix bug: Dropmarker background on "Bookmark this page" panel.
2. Fix bug: Nav-bar height when nav-bar displays "Icons and Texts".
3. Fix bug: background color of selected text in the urlbar and searchbar.
4. Fix bug: text position in urlbar when mouse cursor is over a link.
5. Remove text shadow of tab, bookmark toolbar.
6. Change folder icon of "Save files to" on Option dialog.