Open in New Window Doesn't Work Puntuado con 3 de 5 estrellas

Thanks to reviewer David Green on February 24, 2009 - I completely agree with his suggestion to use Advanced URL Builder ( which is so much more flexible and handles the same open in maps task (plus whatever sites and URLs you want to concatenate together)!

My review before switching to Advanced URL Builder:

Locate on Google Map or the equivalent submenu item New Window does not work on Firefox 19 / Win7, it opens a blank white window with Locator as the window title bar (and no URL address bar).

The open in New Tab submenu item works good as expected, with the tab having the full browser controls and URL address bar etc.Another reviewer mentioned this was a problem back in 2009... but please fix and also if the new window by design will not have full browser controls, please change that or create a checkbox option in the add-on to create a full browser window.