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Hi... Thank you for the extension. However, the update of Feb 29th, 2016 (v. 0.99.42) had broken the icons on a Firefox v 39 which worked just fine before the update. White listed file:/// (long and tedious process of exclusion) were _deleted_ from 'options'. Removing and reinstalling version 0.99.41c of November 25, 2015 brought bake the preferences and restored the icons.
I for one disabled the automatic update for the extension: I believe I recall correctly that this is not the first time that this addon got broken at an update...

So... Attention, developer: 'Don't fix it if it ain't broken' seems to apply here...

N.B. The context menu option at right-click on link name was useful, but not at the cost of the little icon (which allows opening the link with one click less). If both are implemented, fine. But not one at the cost of the other.

Esta valoración es de una versión anterior del complemento (0.99.42). 

Thanks for the review. The addon got a major rewrite to keep up with the ever-increasing requirements for developing robust and secure addons. Your bug report will be handled here: https://github.com/feinstaub/firefox_addon_local_filesystem_links/issues/53

You seem to use the whitelist/exclusion feature a lot. You could join/start the discussion here: https://github.com/feinstaub/firefox_addon_local_filesystem_links/issues

N.B. if the icon is not working, it is a bug. It is supposed to be working. Note that there is an option to hide the icon.