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Congratulation on the idea and, also, on the implementation: I appreciate it's minimalism and discretion. Since yesterday's update (2010.03.04), an error occurs in Firefox:"TypeError: this._onStart is undefined" which is correlated to changing settings in the extension. In my particular case, the error occurred during an interruption of connectivity. The error is not reproducible once the connection is re-established. I'd appreciate you looking into it.
Since I am at that, two very simple ideas: 1. If you took the trouble to include FX quotes, you should definitely make a menu entry for the Kitco Gold Index, which is very helpful in determining how much of the price variation of gold is determined by the erratic fluctuations of the MAD (Mutually Assured Devaluating) currencies, one by relation to another (the dollar, in particular). 2. Little up-down indicators (arrows) in the currency table, especially for their relative valuation in gold, would be helpful in the same sense as above. Thank you and best regards.

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