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  • Works as described. Ability to do all links, some links or one link on a page is great. Allows me to update links on pages with file lists of 10's of links every month.
  • WORK

    if i paste bunch of urls into textarea(simple html i created) then highlight it and mark visited.....nothing work
  • Works as intended. Thanks for creating this.
  • !!! EXCELLENT !!!
    Works very well (except when wanting to mark all links as unvisited).

    For those who have problems, check the about:config page if the line:
    is set to true. If not, change it.
    I don't understand this part:
    "Preferences are stored in the browsers local storage unless the browser sync storage is enabled for web extensions.
    To enable browser sync storage set webextensions.storage.sync.enabled to true in about:config"

    Why do we need to enable: "webextensions.storage.sync.enabled" to true?? If I we don't do it then what??
  • this is truly awesome. didn't think there is a smart WE in matter of link marking.
    small tips:
    →suggest in prefs that color value is hex
    →let us hide it from right click menu
    →stay awesome
  • It just does not work. I right click on a visited link that is purple & toggle the status & it remains purple. Closing out Firefox & restarting FF makes no difference.

    FWIW my privacy settings are set to "Remember my browsing and download history", and the about:config option layout.css.visited_links_enabled is set to true.

    I am using FF 57.0.4

    Not sure how to reply to the developer's response so I'll edit the review.

    It doesn’t seem to matter what link I try to un-visit, from either a Google search or a forum.

    I just Googled “Office Libre” & this was one of the results.

    Right clicking & toggling does nothing.

    Yet I can go into Firefox History & select that link & use the delete key on the keyboard & the link then turns back to blue.
    On some sites it is necessary to enable the option to override the color of visited links, but even that may not work due the css, element style and the structure of the page.

    Technically speaking, this plugin is working if the link is added to the browsers history, the rest of the functionality is dependent on firefox itself.

    Without knowing what site/page this is occurring on it's difficult to provide any more help.
  • Yep, "Mark all links as unvisited" quit working with FF 56.0.2. Otherwise, for me it remains a very useful add-on.
  • This is an update to my original review made on Oct 11, 2017 (I could not find a way to edit it): After using this add-on for a while now, I still find it amazing and works as it should. The only thing I am finding is that every time I start Firefox, my option settings are gone, and I have to reset them. Every time. Hopefully, this will be corrected.
  • In this update (v5), marking all links as visited takes too much time. Example is one page of Indeed.com searches (50 results per page), and no other addons present. What took the previous version roughly 10 seconds per page, takes this version 1 min 35 sec. to mark all 50 links as visited.
  • Simple, easy access. Works well for resetting links to unvisited status.
  • This add on used to work awesome. Now It does not work from the keyboard (Ctrl+F2, Alt+F2), now it works ONLY on the main Firefox window. It will not work on second or third firefox window open. So sad!!
  • Can't see this addon in context menu, no matter if I right-click a link or right-click other part of page.

    Luckily, I can add this addon to Toolbar.

    Firefox version 31.3.0, which is perhaps the latest Firefox ESR version.
  • I use this all the time, and love it, but the lack of the "v" shortcut key is going to make my life much less pleasant. I hope this will come back in a future update. It's so important to me that if there were another add-on that did have a shortcut key, I would switch.
    Before the loss of this crucial feature, I'd have given this software five stars. Now it only has 4.
  • Arghh---keyboard (was Alt-F2) "Mark all links visited" no longer works in new version!
  • Used to work great but the latest version (3.4.2) doesn't allow me to right click on a link and mark or unmark it. You now have to drag-select the link's text and then right click on it to enable the options for individual links. Not good.

    ...I take it back! didn't see "Toggle Visited Status" option much further up on the context menu -- not anywhere near the "Mark Links" sub menu. Back to 5 stars. Sorry.
    The option is still there as 'toggle visited status'
    it was renamed due to API changes.
  • a useful addon from the perspective of my browser :), I mean, yes, indeed, my browser acknowledges all these links were visited, but how about my trackers? Are they viewing the same number of visited links? Or they view only the links I have visited for real?

    Besides, I checked this addon within the current FF version and it doesn't show like the extension is actually working, doing anything ... maybe I am wrong. Then how do I check if the addon is working? Thank you :)
    This add-on works by adding links to the browsers history only, the links are not followed. As far as other add-ons are concerned, they probably cannot tell the difference.

    You can tell if the add-on is working by looking at the history.
    If the links are not showing visited, make sure Firefox's privacy settings are set to 'Remeber History' and that the layout.css.visited_links_enabled option is set to true.
  • Great addon !
    I wanted it ...
    You doo it.
  • Hi to all! Is it possible somehow to make "mark all links as visited" from all (or several) open tabs, not just from 1 tab?

    Thanks in advance
  • I'm using FF22 and LinkVisitor 3.4.2. I use it to mark links as visited only, I never unmark them. From some days ago this addon mark *all* the links as visited, including those already marked. Now it takes 40 seconds to mark an eBay search result page with 50 listings. It took 13 seconds before in the same computer (i5 3.8 GHz).
  • 'Mark link un/visited' menu option changed to 'Toggle visited status' Why ?
    It was changed because the call to determine the current state is no longer supported. The alternative call is asynchronous and the result isn't known when the menu is shown.
  • Doesn't seem to function any more in FFx 22 beta.

    Update (6/26/13) - 3.4.2 does appear to now work in FFx 22! Love this extension!
    I've determined the issue has been caused by the 'fix' to bug 838874. I hope to have a solution before FF22 is released.
  • great addon - thank you :-)
    please add German language
  • Just what I wanted to make some webpages easier to use. By having LV3 mark all links 'visited' I can easily see when new links are added. My complements and thanks to the developer. ...nChuck