Puntuado con 4 de 5 estrellas

Great extension for downloading files from URLs that trigger an action and don't allow direct donwload, e.g. some .xpi firefox extensions on some sites. A perfect companion for HTTP header monitor tools.

What I don't like is how the history feature is built... I mean, it's a parallel download history to the one of the browser itself, but it's not clearly specified it is a new one to the user... also the extension has no interface to access it (appart from clearing it), and as long as now it resides in lget.sqlite file and not in a text file (as it seems it did, like other reviews say) proper tools are needed to access it (SQLite Manager for example).As review of Haudy Kazemi points bellow, the fact that new history is not bound to the Clear History function of FF is a mayor drawback... fortunately the whole feature can be disabled. Also the keyboard shortcut it uses CTRL+E hijacks the one of FF to focus the search bar, but CTRL+K can still be used anyway.

Alternatively you can use Clipboard-Save-As extension, which support this extension main function with a minimal interface, that don't include a dialog to edit the URL on the clipboard, so it has to be well formed before copy (what may require a rapid previous edit in a editable space like the search bar or the adress bar for example).

(FF 19.0a1 32-bit on win after editing FF maxversion parameter into install.rdf file)