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LavaFox V2 Blue and Red have been my themes of choice since first released. I've stuck with them through thick and thin. That makes it particularly difficult to leave this theme behind now, but with the release of FF29, I can no longer use FF the way that it is most productive for me if LavaFox remains my theme. With FF29, Mozilla made a design change to the toolbars, removing the Add-ons toolbar completely, and making the "Tabs on top" of the address bar permanent, with even the "about:config" option unable to change it. That change has left a whole lot of folks baffled, myself included. It feels counter intuitive, and senseless to remove the option. Additionally, with the LavaFox theme, especially if you have several tabs open, it detracts from the aesthetics of the theme considerably IMO. Fortunately, we are left with an option to use the Classic Theme Restorer add-on, and among other things, reverse the toolbars. Unfortunately, there is a bug in LavaFox, or the author's decision to not support that option, and there is no option available within LavaFox itself to do so, which would have been ideal.

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Thanks for your feedback!
As you said, it's Mozilla's decision to do drastic changes .. Personally I prefer more options .. of course ..
At the moment, Classic Theme Restorer isn't supported, it's complicated and will take time to evaluate if it's possible technically while keeping the theme's look&feel.
In the meanwhile, I suggest trying to use tabs on top, that's the only significant change. Anyway, there may be support added for tabs on bottom, but it'll definitely take some time, maybe a week or two i it works out well ..
Hold on .. if it can be done, we'll issue a fix ASAP ..

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Excellent!! LavaFox V1-Blue is a fully skinned theme, with great compatibility, and in a word, beautiful. If I could give it 6 stars, I would. Thanks Zigboom! Great imagination, and great work.

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This is the best, most complete, bug free, Add-on friendly, beautiful...... dark theme to grace Firefox...... EVER!

Djzig, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE create a matching Thunderbird 3 theme.

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