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  • not compatible firefox 57 quantum

  • Super!

  • Fantastic ! I'm gobsmacked ! It works fine with Firefox 34.0. I installed very easily the French language pack which doesn't exist with that new version.
    Bluffant !

  • This add-on made my day! I wanted to have my Firefox 30 in Spanish and did not know how to deal with the incompatibility of the language packs, especially on my GNU/Linux system. Thanks to this great add-on, I could have my browser in Spanish easily and with no hassle. I was so satisfied that I made a contribution! どうもありがとう!本当に。:)

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    Thank you. I'm appreciate for your contribution.


  • I was tired of typing in Spanish and not being able to use correct phonetics. The auto correct red lines were also very distracting.

    The only bad thing about this is the language packs are named very vaguely. You have to guess from the first two letters of the English word for the language. I assumed that ES(CL) was Spanish common language. I guess we shall see.

  • :-)

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  • "2. Press "Update Language Packs" button to update incompatible language packs."
    Please programming update language packs button instead of "automatic update" and then this add professional add-on!
    Because Firefox unable this feature!

  • hola amigo gracias por desarrollar este add-on no podia poner firefox 24 en español gracias, sigue con tu buen desarrollo, saludos desde Lima - Perú

    saludos gnu/linuxeros OpenSuse 12.3 gracias

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    Hola amigo.
    Estoy feliz de que usted está disfrutando con mi addon.

  • I have updated to the lastest version of the ext 2.4, and version 20.x language packs, but the degree "°" symbol doesn't seem have been fixed!

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    Probably, it is not a problem of language pack, it's a problem of character encoding of the page.
    Can you give me a URL you tested?


  • Excellent! Simple and fast!
    I had problems with incompatible language pack available of my Ubufox and this addon solves the problem!

  • Work great,simple and fast !

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    Hi FilipIC,

    Thank you for writing a review.