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Thank you for fast respond.
I rated it by five stars because it really worth this.
I appreciate your irony and sence of humor, but let me explain in my hobbling English what I mean.
1. I understand, that to represent the result from several sites, the addon must collect all data from them, extract the needed part from each one, assembly the extracted data into one message block (even with voice abilities) etc. Obviously all this requires deep, thorough and complex parsing.
By I ment something else (I wrote - on own risk of user).
2. Now - what I ment.
2.1 The addon has excellent mechanism of sensoring - Ctrl and cursor on the chosen word. No highlighting, no clicking - simple and excellent!
2.2 The output doesn't open neither tab nor new window - this is the second strong advantage of addon.
On other side there are many ways to involve many search engines by given search pattern and search engine shortname, but it isn't so comfortable.
In other words user can define the url with search sign, for example, http://translate.google.com/#auto/ru/%s where %s is the sign of pattern itself.
2.3. So, if it is possible to use your addon as a shell, that will send the sensored by cursor+Ctrl word, involve the search engine by given by user url/urls and return the data in such honey way - it would be great!
Of course, for original set of sites it'll make parsing.
Moreover, if user will be able to assign shortcut to each profile the Ctrl will be reserved for original set, and other profiles will be involved by other shortcuts.You should understand, that your addon in addition to parsing intellect has a gold, fantastic shell that is worth to use more wide.Thank you.

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I understood your point (thank you again :) ), and I'll try to update KitaDic so that it can have a UI window for setting up user-definable sites. btw, last week my dev box had a HDD failure and things went slightly ugly - KitaDic source was on that HDD - and now everything came back to normal :) Cheers.