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Thank you.
Is it possible to customize the list of dictionaries and other sources - to create several profiles. Let say -,, Google dictionary,, Naver and Daum is a default profile, but user can prepare its own list of sources (even not sources in English) on his own risk?
It should be transparen for KitaDic, is not?
But!!! In this case KitaDic turnes into universal definition tool not only for English users.
Only what user should prepare is such profiles with lists of urls and be able to switch among profiles.

Thank you for the idea

Thank you very much for the 5 stars.

Your idea sounds aspiring :)
To let users create their own "profiles" for websites other than, those user-created profiles need to perform parsing and cherry-picking from the websites of their choice, and that "performing" almost certainly involves some sort of programming. Probably you meant "developer-created profiles."
Anyway, it was an inspiring idea. To make that happen, KitaDic's structure should be upgraded.