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  • Keepa is my favorite tool for shopping on Amazon. It’s a fantastic app that empowers users and helps them make better purchasing decisions. I’ve been using it for about 2 years. I use it primarily for checking prices when I shop, although it has nice features for price notifications/alerts as well. When I shop, I’ll look at the Keepa chart (it’s right on the Amazon page a bit below the product listing) and see if the item is currently priced low or high relative to its price history. Usually I have the price history set to look at 3 months, but I regularly toggle it to a year or the entire history of the item to look for trends. If an item has a history of going on sale at certain times of the year, I will plan to buy it then. I LOVE this app for that. I recommend it to everyone who shops on Amazon.
  • A good app with tons of cool features. As far as I can see it works fine, the most useful feature probably being the price graph under every product.

    However Keepa is sometimes extremely slow when it comes to notifying you of a price change. Like hours too slow.

    First of all it seems to only be able to refresh your tracked product once an hour.
    And then when it does refresh, it can delay sending you the notification even further for some reason.

    I tried using it to track an extremely in-demand product, which flew off the shelf almost immediately after it got there. Keepa sent me a heads up on messenger. 2 hours after the thing sold out.

    This method of operation/occasional hiccups are probably fine when trying for regular amazon deals that normally last a few hours(which is what I will continue to use it for), but for tracking availability, it's not optimal.
    We send notifications without any delay. If you use our Facebook Messenger bot to receive notifications you have to view every notification we send you in order to be able to receive new ones. This is a restriction by Facebook, which requires the user to interact with the bot to prevent spam.
    It is correct that we update tracked products hourly. This is the best we can do for tens of millions of tracked products. Very popular ones are updated more frequently though.
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  • good
  • When I use it, I get an error message:One time anti-bot check
    Unable to load reCaptcha from Google. Please verify you can access Google.com unrestricted. We use the reCaptcha service to verify you are human and to block bots from abusing our service.
    I tried uninstalling and restarting Firefox, but it didn't recover.
  • Very useful addon and very lovely embedded in the Amazon pages. Like it just belongs there. 👍 Thank you very much for the work. Not just the addon, but the webpage too. 🤩
    Is there actually a way (app?) to get a flash deal reminder/popup on mobile devices? I get a mail but then forget about it 😟
    Thank you for your review. You can get notified once a Lightning Deal for a tracked product has started (this option must be enabled in the settings).