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  • Does this actually download the data and then cosmetically block based on rules or does it prevent the resource from actually downloading?

    Does anything get through (web socket ads, https ads, cookies,

    e10's? Web extension someday? Compatibility with FFox Mobile for Android be awesome.

    Maybe referrer control and fingerprint blocking. Just brainstorming.

  • Allows me to let more ads through from content sites that I want to support, but still block ads that are too intrusive. I use it with some ABP custom filters, BetterPrivacy, and Self-Destructing Cookies add-ons.

  • Without question, Karma Blocker is the most powerful '3rd party' content filtering addon for Firefox.

    It's clearly a well polished addon and has a very friendly UI. I had a lot of fun with this and was able to create some very effective rules for zapping content thanks to the great documentation and powerful rule syntax.

    Eg : One rule to wipeout some annoying social widgets :

    The ability to set your own karma threshold, whitelist and regex rules directly in the browser puts you completely in control. You have the final say and the power to block / unblock anything. Simply toggle the icon to turn filtering on or off, it doesn't get any easier.

    I removed the cdn rule from the whitelist though, since malware sometimes use cdn host names.


    Karma Blocker provides the tools you need to monitor and debug page content, which is especially handy if you need to find some hard to block content, or you need to see which rule is blocking page content, that you dont wan't blocked.

    Using the Monitor, Karma Blocker will even show you which rule triggered a block, and then all you need to do is edit the rules accordingly.

    Karma Blocker may be best suited for people who like to get their hands dirty and dig into things. You really should read the docs to grasp how the excellent karma filtering system works.

    Before installing, if you aren't prepared to use your brain a little bit, this addon is probably not suited for you. But don't worry there are plenty of other blocking addons, that don't require much brain activity at all.

    The only real disappointment I had after using Karma Blocker is that there's no option to filter 1st party content.

    Filtering 3rd party content only is probably great for reducing bug reports, but I feel it leaves a gap in the overall protection.

    I'd love to be able to use Karma Blocker as a standalone solution for protecting the browser, because it provides the most comprehensive content filtering abilities I've seen so far in any addon.

    At one point I started to use SilentBlock with the Karma Blocker regex rules to filter 1st party content, unfortunately SilentBlock has no GUI and you need to restart Firefox to edit your rules. Nightmarishly horrible but effective.

    If someone was able to combine the 1st party stopping power of Silent Block, with the 3rd party filtering features and UI of Karma Blocker, it would really be one of the most amazing security addons ever.

    Thanks Anthony.

    Respuesta del desarrollador

    Any content can be blocked, first or third party. It's all up to the rules, and whether you've set one considering `$thirdParty` or not. The only thing that can't be blocked is the top page itself, but any scripts/images/whatever that page loads are fair game.

  • Excellent Thanks :)

  • Hervorragendes Tool!
    Blockt zuverlässig den ganzen Spamschrott im Netz, manchmal zuviel, aber sicher ist sicher! Ich habe ihn zusammen mit Bluhell - Addon laufen, da beide sich perfekt ergänzen und sich nicht in die Quere kommen. Was der eine hin und wieder mal durchläßt, blockt der andere dafür gründlich. Speicherverbrauch ist minimal, so das Firefox optimal geschützt ist. Das Monitoring ist cool - schon sehr interessant, was da so alles unsichtbar an Scripte und Werbung im Hintergrund ablaufen und geblockt wird.

  • I've started using this again, and I'm leaving another review to point out that the add-on works perfectly, and that the one-star reviews are being left soley by people who don't RTFM. On the other hand, I can't seem to point the sync field to a local file using the file:// scheme... is this not possible?

    (Also, contrary to a recent review, enabling/disabling on the fly works just fine.)

  • Also, this blocks videos, not just prevention of autoplay. And Karma Blocker doesn't allow Disqus to work.

  • This ad-blocker uses least memory and quite different than all others. Great!

  • ..unfortunately it blocks a lot of legitimate windows captcha included ! would be better enabling /disabling without restart firefox

  • I just tested on MoneyControl.com and it is working without doing anything. I need not learn anything new. Will check later how I can improve it.

  • this add-on is the best. thank you very much :)

  • Karma Blocker blocks a lot of unwanted stuff and ads right from the beginning without needind to tweat anything. In my opinion it is better than ad blockers because Karma Blocker does not let the element charge, so the blocking is faster and uses almost none resources.

  • Works great. Trouble is that "HULU" has discovered its presence and now blocks its use. Have to disable to use HULU then reactivate when I'm finished.

  • suggestion: using 2 scores for each group, one for matched, the other for not matched (default 0)

  • I got tired of whitelisting individual domains with other extensions. This saves a lot of time detecting the common cases.

  • Thanks for the long-awaited update/fix! I was just about to switch to a different plugin...good thing I didn't have to because Karma Blocker is the best.

  • Thank you for the update.
    Already working on ff v23.0.1

  • Can't enable now.
    Please, guys, fork it, adopt it, resurrect it !!!

    Respuesta del desarrollador

    This is probably https://github.com/arantius/karma-blocker/issues/4 . And it will get fixed.

  • Very useful add-on for firefox!
    Thank you very much.

  • Cud have been a good addon but lack of easily available documentation and lack of author responsivenes plus trouble it creates with Yahoo and Youtube makes it too difficult for use.

  • I installed this to stop ads, which it did admirably ... however ... it also stopped half the functionality of the Ebay auction site, which I use quite a lot. As a result it only gets 2 stars from me .. just a bit over-zealous :)

  • Random ads and it hates yahoo.

  • I have found out from experience that Karma does NOT like Yahoo email system. Your check boxes next to emails disappear, and the Delete, Move, Spam and Actions toolbar is gone. I disable Karma and Yahoo email works fine. I have also read through reviews and see I am not the only one with this problem.

  • Very good addition, works just great.

  • much like adblock plus this extension has the potential to serve those who never craft many of their own respective rules. with a subscription feature this extension will enable those philanthropist techies to facilitate ad CRUSHING power for the rest of us who HATE the privacy violations of ads