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As far as Form Auto-Completers go, this one is alright.
Its strength is that it doesn't try to guess the fields and automatically assign data to them, which is the most broken function on these sort of extensions. Although the most useful one...
However, if you're constantly using different emails, usernames and passwords, this might be just the right tool for you.
It's not a very elegant solution. The button is ugly and lacks customization options (size, color, alternative designs). Tends to appear in all sorts of forms (including search fields) and spam webpages with the same icon all over the place. The items list can get very big very fast. Doesn't support drop-down menus (which would be redundant i guess). Hard to use on some fields like Birth date, because of the different format used in dates (dd/mm/yy, mm/dd/yyyy...). And, of course, you'll still need to click on every single field on a form page, so it's still a bit tedious, just cuts down on the typing.

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