Interesting approach, I like it Puntuado con 4 de 5 estrellas

But I have few notes-proposals.
1. Currently only 4 results appear. Is it possible to give to user ability to define how many results will appear?
2. The shortcut Ctrl-Alt-C is good as standalone, altough it has no connection to google search. But it onflicts with shortcuts from other addons and even redefinition of shortcut via "Customize shortcuts" doesn't help. Is it possible to make this shortcut optional and disabled by default? In this case user can turn it on, if he need this (Particulaly me, I use "Easy Copy" addon that has this functionality and is dedicated for those purpose)
But in general I like this approach. Thank you.

Right now there are 4 results because Google API limits how many requests you can make, and if someone overloads it then the feature will be gone for all users of this addon. Shortcut customization might come.