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  • It does not work on mobile at all.
  • [ISSUE] Unable to block the websites automatically after the pause time is over

    It would be nice if you fix this problem.
    Btw, awesome work!
    I'll give you five stars after you fix this problem. Thanks!

    Firefox Version: 71.0 (64-bit)
    OS: Ubuntu 18.04
  • i have an issue. Once the pause in blocking is over, you can keep using the tab you're on. Could you make it so that once the pause is over, the tab gets blocked? or that i can't click on any link.
    For example, i'm on youtube. I paused blocking for 5 minutes, but once the pause is over, i can keep watching videos.
    If you fixed this, i'd give the addon 5 stars.
  • Almost a great app. The concept is exactly what I want but the functionality still needs some work. It took quite a bit of troubleshooting just to get the blocking to work on any website (a hard refresh--ctrl + shift + r--wound up doing the trick), and as of now, it still doesn't successfully block Twitter, though this appears to have been a known issue for most of 2019. I'm disappointed but cautiously optimistic that the app will get better with a little more time and assistance.

    I do love that it's completely open-source and minimalistic, though, and will bump up the number of stars I've rated the extension as soon as the bugs get squashed.
  • Clever link to the blocked website in case you want to unblock it, I like this very much
  • Would be nice to automatically turn the blocker on/off at certain times of the day, e.g. from 8 in the evening to 8 in the morning to not mess with my sleep.
  • I really like this add on for its simplicity. And I really like supporting open source programs and add-ons. One suggestions: I notice that when I turn my computer on and open the browser that the add on is turned off. It would be great if it was turned on when the browser comes on - that way the default is on instead of off.
    Thank you for the feedback! I'll take a look at your suggestion. I believe the extension saves the last status. If you close the browser with the extension turned on, when you open up the browser again it will be on. I will check!
  • Kamil Jaszkowiak
  • Not working for me, just a the black circle in the tool bar, not the crossed line. When clicking on it nothing happens
  • Entweder verstehe ich das Add-on nicht oder es ist nicht das, was ich dachte, das Add-on ist. Ich möchte gerne verschiedene Websites blocken und das nicht nur für 3 Stunden, sondern permanent. Die Chip Website wurde gar nicht geblockt.
  • Great plugin to get aware when you want to jump to distractive websites, thanks :)
    -> Feature request: Please add analytics for the user on how many times he disabled the block (preferably also the time of the day).
  • Blocks everything except Twitter, for some reason I can't figure out.
    Yes, that's a well-known problem we have. It's related to the way Twitter website is loaded in browser. We have talked about it here: https://github.com/raicem/impulse-blocker/issues/33
  • Needs to refresh the page after the pause timer is up for this to work properly. Either that or have some notification popup instead.

    EDIT: the pause timer sometimes crashes the browser. I don't know exactly what happened but basically I clicked pause, restarted the website I paused, but then when I opened the Impulse Blocker panel back up, it didn't save the timer, meaning I could pause a second time while the website I was on was still up. I think the crash happened after I refreshed the page of the website I blocked.
  • Just Amazing!
    Has everything that I hope for without extra unneeded features. Also open-source, so you can rest assured it is not doing anything shady in the background (Looking at you BlockSite).
    You can also block certain pages without blocking the full domain, totally useful for Reddit.
    Can't do but recommend the extension!
    Thank you!
  • Does exactly what I want it to do. Would love some more customization options like the ability to redirect or set profiles. Great job!