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This add-on works better than I had hoped for. It somehow knows just which pictures to download, and it can easily download pictures from multi-page threads. It's really amazing; I never knew that it was even feasible to make an add-on like this, and to have it work so smoothly. I mean, I have yet to see it make a misstep. I'm sure a good amount of care and intelligence went into this.

Edit: some reviewers are saying this add-on no longer works for them, but I'm using the latest version of Firefox (v21) and it works perfectly for me. It's likely you others have an add-on conflict or something. I try to keep my add-ons to a minimum to avoid such conflicts, so I only keep the add-ons I absolutely need (like this one). It may also be worth your while to do a clean reinstall of Firefox. That is, delete your Firefox along with all extensions and cache and all that, and reinstall from scratch. You may be surprised how much more smoothly your Firefox will run after that.