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  • It used to be a valuable extension, that saved lots of time. Unfortunately, it does not worrk with the last versions of Firefox and the maintenance team was not ready to upgrade it for Quantum. Although it does not have the exact same features, I started to work on a full rewriting of this extension for Quantum. Unlike the original extension, it is not limited to images (it can potentially download any type of file - jpg, mp4, webm...). There are also some things that are not possible with the new Firefox API (have separate download folders, verify MIME types...) but it can help.

    You can fnd it here: https://addons.mozilla.org/fr/firefox/addon/host-grabber-pp/
    The project is still in beta version.
  • This is one of the extensions that keeps me from updating to Firefox Quantum on my main profiles. Really mandatory and cannot find any real alternative.
  • five stars
    but don`t work in firefox quantum
  • se puede bajar imagenes con un solo click
  • I just don't give it a 5 star rating because it still doesn't work with imgbox or imagefap.
  • must have
  • I found an easy to do guide how to unlock use of unverified addons like this.


    And to the developer - please verify the addon with mozilla so everyone can use it without this workaround.

    And thanks for the addon - I love it.
  • The NEW support site for IHG is now available at:


    4/7/17 1330 EST
    Attn: Anonymous user bf5502

    The site is active! As below the host had a HD Failure! The forum will be brought back once php is installed correctly to support it...

    Till then CURRENT INSTALLER is available at the above. As well as hostf.xml and forum_styles.xml

    Active support of new/changed hosts is in progress.

    Host had an HD failure shortly after posting.

    Hostf and sytles are available. while the site is restored...

    SSL is working with a valid cert as of 4/7/17 0900 EST.
  • hot-honeys.com is down.
    https://imagehostgrabber.com/forum does not work.
  • digitally signed proplem always.... :((
  • IHG is still alive and kicking, get the latest version from the forum which is hosted within hot-honeys,com
  • Dont work!!!
  • The author is having a strop and refusing to develop this any further on Firefox.
    It is now and forever disabled on all Firefox builds after v45

    He suggests that you use it with the Pale Moon Browser, but its not Firefox!
  • I'm so glad I found this again. I had the newer version automatically disabled in my addons and thought that was it. I stumbled upon this version when looking for something to replace it with... I'm so glad it still works! This addon is the best by far!
  • Rock-solid stable: the last code change was over 3 years ago and I can see why there hasn't been a need to modify anything: IT JUST WORKS!
  • If you want it back, there is a new update on this website that can help it run again.
  • Unfortunately this extension is about to die unless somebody picks it up

  • El complemento que más me gusta. Cumple sobradamente las expectativas
  • Whoever he is, he didn't write IHG. It was written by (screen name) cybormatt. His real name is included in the freeware license in the download.
    There is an active forum, http://imagehost-grabber.org/index.php

    We're now on IHG 1.7.x. Soon to be updated.
    Trying to get IHG Addons back!
  • People that say that it does not work should download the most recent one on their forum site. You can find it under "Main Area / Announcment"
  • Thank you Ben for your concise and helpful post.

    AlanBStard, I appreciated your post as well. https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/imagehost-grabber/reviews/731498/

    This an amazing addon, ppl who give a 1-star review because it doesn't work on a certain site (like--"worthless"--I'm lookin' at you, cipher_nemo) have no concept of the work required to make something like this work, and no idea how to contribute to make it better. Here's the link to the new site: http://imagehost-grabber.eu/index.php?board=18.0

    Anyway, 5-stars, well done Ish.
  • I don't this is the original developer of this addon. It is just some jerk who wants to take credit for someone else's work. That's why this hasn't been updated in 4 years.
  • The old version on this site doesn't work on Palemoon (25.6.0). The new 1.7 version on the addon's new homepage works just great.
  • after the last both updates from Mozilla Imagehost Grabber no Image Downloads possible.
  • Excellent add-on that has recently hit a couple of speed-bumps... two things have happened.

    1) The Host File Server has changed from: http://imagehost-grabber.com/hostf.xml to: http://imagehost-grabber.eu/hostf.xml
    2) With the automatic signing of AMO hosted add-ons (the .1-signed thing) the add-on was, in effect, reset to some really old version of hostf.xml

    So, defunct Host File Server address and an old hostf.xml file. The solution is to manually change the Host File Server to the newer address. Under the ImageHost Grabber menu pick: 'Host File Editor' and click the: 'Modify hostf servers' button.

    Use: 'Add Host File Server' to add: http://imagehost-grabber.eu/hostf.xml
    Use: 'Delete Host File Server' to remove: http://imagehost-grabber.com/hostf.xml
    Click: 'Update File' to confirm the changes.
    Exit the Host File Servers panel.
    Finally, click: 'Update from online Host File' to get the latest hostf.xml file.

    There is some discussion here: http://imagehost-grabber.eu/index.php?topic=3217.0

    There is a third thing. As these files are held within the add-on itself, making these changes 'breaks' the signing. So, at some point in the future the add-on will be flagged as being invalid. Only the add-on author will be able to fix this (and, indeed, will need to fix it for the add-on to work wherever it is hosted). The active versions of the two files: hostf_servers.xml, and hostf.xml, really need to be held inside the profile folder but outside of the add-on's extension folder.

    There is some initial discussion of this here: http://imagehost-grabber.eu/index.php?topic=3099.0