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Click below for my previous review. Another word of warning: The extension will wreak havok from the moment you install it. There is no setup/enable post install. You just install it and then dice with death as to whether it will work flawlessly or instantaneously mess up all your bookmarks (not to mention immediately on any other device you happen to have connected as well). Since it both syncs both ways and merges both ways, and does so immediately, duplicates are inevitable. The more devices, the worse the problem. Accidentally delete an entire bookmark folder? Apple will automatically sync (and hence delete) this bookmark set immediately from all your devices, with no way to stop it or go back. Doesn't even work well with only one device - still manages to mess things up with reordering folders etc.. The underlying flaw with this addon is that it assumes that the bookmark set in the cloud is the flawless one - which is illogical since the user manages all BUT this set directly. The addon has no customisation menu whatsoever, no options and no user controls. It is horrifically bad. I have installed over 300 addons over the course of 9 years of Firefox use, and this is far and away the worst addon I have ever experienced. Does Apple even have a quality control/testing team for their Windows products???

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