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This addon is a response to two different professional researchers who contacted me seeking the ability to search all of their tabs in a more powerful way. I began working with them through the web seeking to fill their need, and what quickly began developing was a very powerful research tool.

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Nombre Kevin Jones
Ubicación USA
Usuario desde January 5, 2012
Número de complementos desarrollados 4 complementos
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<b>NOTICE REGARDING MOZILLA'S PLANS TO IMPLEMENT WEBEXTENSIONS[1]:</b><br/><br/>When WebExtensions platform is finally in full-force[1], will there be a WebExtensions compatible version of All Tabs Helper, Tab Groups Helper or Hugo Search All Tabs?<br/><br/>At this point I cannot promise anything. I have been making efforts in that direction. Currently there is no API in WebExtensions to provide support for having any kind of tab grouping paradigm. Without this basic backend support, there would be no Tab Groups of any kind. I have been working at trying to get the Mozilla team to approve and add such an API. It looks promising so far and I am pretty certain that at least some level of API will be available to allow a grouping paradigm[2][3], but remains to be seen what will actually happen, how it will be implemented and to what level of support it will provide (which would determine how much work addon developers would have to invest in creating their own tab groups addons.)<br/><br/>Regarding All Tabs Helper and Hugo, there is currently no WebExtensions support for searching tabs external to the native UI, although one is being worked on[4].<br/><br/>Then I will have to create a WebExtensions version of each of my addons. This will require rebuilding them almost from the ground up. It is something that I would like to do, but whether or not it will be practical for me to do that is another question. How this all plays out can take different possible forms. I may be able to work up something rudimentary which could evolve from there over time. The degree of evolution would be very dependent on the evolution of WebExtensions, and what APIs become available. However this all turns out, it is clear there would be changes in the user experience of all my addons (and very likely all addons in general).<br/><br/>As I have said, I cannot promise anything. Developing addons is not really my occupation but something I have just done in my "spare time". All I can say is that at this point I am not planning to throw in the towel. But if these addons are to continue on, it remains to be seen how that will evolve, and whether or not my own personal circumstances will allow there to be at least a rudimentary version available in time for the changeover, in order for the transition to be gapless.<br/><br/>I would like to add that I am fully in support of Mozilla's decision to move away from the current addon development platform to WebExtensions. Mozilla has taken a lot of flack for this as it appears like some thing will be lost, even some things people have cherished in their browsing experience. But life moves on and sometimes there is pain in growth, and I personally believe the move to be a good one and one which will result in a more stable and better performing web browser.<br/><br/>(Sorry, links are not allowed here)<br/><br/>[1] search mozilla the-future-of-developing-firefox-add-ons<br/>[2] search bugzilla mozilla 1322057<br/>[3] search bugzilla mozilla 1333837<br/>[4] search bugzilla mozilla 1332144<br/>[5] Note that a WebExtensions version of Tab Groups Helper will no longer depend on Tab Groups addon.<br/><br/><b>END NOTICE</b><br/><br/><b>My Development Philosophy</b><br/><br/>I do this for ME. It is an outlet for my creative expression. Sometimes I see work someone is doing, or that I am doing, and I'm inspired how I can make a tool or improve existing software that would assist. Maybe others can benefit from it.<br/><br/><b>Regarding Reviews</b><br/><br/>Sometimes folks say they really like my addons but they want a certain feature and so will "withhold" stars in the rating until they get it. Seems kind of like cohersion to me. Not a good idea.<br/><br/><b>Regarding Donations</b><br/><br/>I'm sometimes asked, "Where's the Donate button?" I've chosen not to use one because the layout on AMO feels to me a bit like soliciting, and it implies funding for continued development, and I'm just not able to promise anything. However, there are some who sincerely want to express their thanks for the benefit they've received from my work. If you wish to make a donation, you can PayPal me at (I have seen sites that have a “tip jar”, which I think has a more favorable implication)<br/><br/><b>:-)</b>