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  • By accepting the permissions, you give all your logins and passes!! !!!!!Access your data for all websites!!!!!
    Hello there!

    There is a really informative Github discussion here: https://github.com/EFForg/https-everywhere/issues/16377 concerning this issue. The way Firefox permission models works, we need to access requests for http+https+ftp. Firefox decided it was sensible to ask the user for "website data" which in this context means your requests to pages, so HTTPS Everywhere can properly upgrade the request to an encrypted one. I hope this addresses your concerns!
  • It works perfectly
  • Works more often than it doesn't but unfortunately seems to dislike some sites and even after going to the site despite it being unable to load https, this addon will force it to load into a 404 error. This can only be fixed by turning it off in the options page of firefox. Incredibly irritating when it's a site I use often.
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