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  • Everyone should install this extension. Just a click and you will be more protected in the whole web. Maybe the most part of people dont know but HTTP to HTTPS makes a big difference. Enjoy it!
  • They actually require you to click a ok button in order to ok the clicking of another button. Luddite technology. The only purpose of technology is to make something easier, simpler and quicker. Asking me if I'm sure that I wanted to click the button is the dumbest waste of time I have ever experienced as a technology user. I can't use this anymore because rather than quickly hitting a button, I have to go through an approval process. No one requires this, because such senile people wouldn't even know how to install add-ons, let alone know how to use them. This is a slap in the face towards advanced users.
    Hi, this sounds like you may have "Encrypt All Sites Eligible" turned on. If you do not like this experience, maybe turning EASE mode to "OFF" would improve it.
  • Good