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  • Don't know why, but HTML notifications never worked in Firefox, used to need this addon in order to display them. On the majority of cases, I only need them no Gmail, so I have to use a specific addon just for that.

  • Thumps up works great, cheers

  • Worked well and brought a much-needed functionality to Firefox. http://code.google.com/p/ff-html5notifications/One would think this is bad news, as this page indicates the addon has been discontinued. I will miss it. However, HTML5 notifications are now integrated into Firefox, so why would it be needed? It's good in a way that it's discontinued. It means Firefox has matured on open HTML5 standards.

  • Doesnt work on mac, gives the following error

    ReferenceError: closeAlert is not defined

  • ReferenceError: closeAlert is not defined.

    Edit: New version on the developer website solved this. But I miss the option to time-out messages. I have to close all of them individually.

  • I cannot close a notification, I get "ReferenceError: closeAlert is not defined". FF 23.0.1

  • Does NOT work with firefox 22, haven't tried other versions. The Author said there is a 1.2.4 version of this addon that works, but no where can you find a place to download that version. PLEASE UPDATE THIS ADDON!

  • This add-on does not support Korean. If the content has Korean, it will show something like %A%%B%%

  • Note from the owner: Now that Mozilla will ship this functionnality inside Firefox, this extension won't be needed anymore.

    And version 1.2.4 is working with newer Firefox versions.

  • no se cierra automaitcamente como la version de chrome y en Firefox 22 ocurre un error :"ReferenceError: closeAlert is not defined.", por el momento tengo desactivo el complemento Favor de corregirlo

  • I used to find this addon useful. Now, however, the box doesn't close. When i click it, it says "ReferenceError: closeAlert is not defined." I'm using Firefox 22 on Fedora 18 GNOME.

  • [referenceerror: closeAlert is not defined] error on pressing ignore button

  • Poor. I strongly suggest "Tab notifier" instead of this.

  • Great work, but I miss an option to selected where it appears.

  • Very good, but maximum of 'Notification animation time' - too short (2 seconds). Fix it to unlimited and add-on will be perfect.

  • All is awesome but the duration. 700 ms is a blink of an eye and the cap of 2000 is way to low. I work in 20-30 tabs at once and notifying a 2 second long notification is a hard job... Could you please increase it to some substantial 10 or 20 seconds like Kayako notifications do?

  • Works ok. Once I got this:

    TypeError: window.animateCloseAlert is not a function

  • Hello,

    This does not work as expected when an email with same subject comes to your mailbox. Is there an workaround for this?

  • Very good but it is bugging now with FF17 and his new facebook chat pannel.

    Please can you add an option in order to choose the position of the notification box ?

    Thx again !

  • Good,This used to be a very useful addon.

  • This worked great! I was actually quite surprised that Google let any browser use Desktop Notifications; I expected that it would simply refuse to work on other browsers. (although I suppose that some of this praise goes to Google...)

    I dabble a bit in HTML, and I look forward to experimenting with the Desktop Notifications.

  • Sadly this extension does not work with OS-X as of 2012-09-27.

    Respuesta del desarrollador

    Hi, have you installed growl ? http://growl.info/

  • You saved the Fox!

  • Work very well for me. But it is still not perfect. Some times it just hang. But overall it work very well. Now I am able to get Gmail Desktop Notification on Firefox also.

  • It works!