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With Tabs on Top, the mouse responsive area is bellow the navigation (or menu) bar, not bellow the tabbar (similar behavior than Autohide Tabbar, which shows a narrow bar to define the mouse responsive area in the original tabbar position bellow). With Tabbar on Top, and this extensions the tabbar don't overlay other tool bars bellow like Hide Menubar do.
But Hide Tabbar does not work correctly if used with VertTabbar, you have to reach previous horizontal tabbar position in order to show the vertical tabbar, though some people can consider this a benefit specially if OS vertical taskbars are used (opposedly Autohide Tabbar responsive area goes vertical with VertTabbar); and with VertTabbar, the tabbar refuse to autohide unless key combination is used, or until you move the mouse pointer to the status bar (which can also help), curiously this flaw has no effect if you're in fullscreen mode.
Also, a setting to config the number of pixels that define de responsive area for the mouse pointer would be useful.

Esta valoración es de una versión anterior del complemento (0.7.3).