VERY Good but could be improved a little bit ! Puntuado con 4 de 5 estrellas

I'd like your version but find that using Stylish is generating to much code for nothing to save the filter.

I found another extension that seem to be old and not updated since longtime. It does basically the same thing that HTW does minus the new option.

It is: "Remove It Permanently RIP" maybe you know ?

The way it save the filter is very efficient maybe you could "glue" both extensions together ( or take the code to generate and save the filter) since the extension seem to be abandoned by the author.

Try it please and let me know what you think about my suggestion, it would be amazing to have the power of HTW and RIP Together without the need to use "Stylish" to save the filters.

Best Regards

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Thanks for the review, much appreciated.

Thanks for leaving a comment on the blog :-) its much easier to have a conversation there.

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