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It's great. I see two big shortcomings here, though:

1) Scripts aren't executed for the hosts denied by NoScript (XSS settings don't affect this). It's wrong, at least as the default option. If there's a client script INSTALLED, this means it's trusted. More importantly, the need to use a client-based script in the first place may in itself mean that the scripts from the server are either distrusted or unusable (browser incompatibility, CPU hogs, annoying meaningless redirects from permalinks like on deviantArt now, etc).

2) Doesn't play nice with other addons. Giving unmodified pages to e.g. SiteDelta would let it work normally rather than trip false alarms every time a Greasemonkey script changes a monitored page in a slightly different way. The same goes for "convenient minimalist view" vs. "background crunching of data dropped in that view" cases.

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