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  • Grete feature but not compatible with latest browser. I will appreciable if get compatible for latest one.

  • Great idea and if it worked it would be amazing.

    I can't believe that mozilla has not actually implemented this themselves, the lazy programmers that they are would rather focus on making firefox look like chrome than implement much needed enterprise features.

    The xpi is practically impossible to install in a corporate network. Good look trying to roll that out to all users. Trying to roll out the firefox msi also never works thanks to how useless MS gpo software deployment is.

    I tried the option to prevent the default browser check, it is not possible to disable the default browser check even though i have the addon enabled and gpo working. It prevents the option from being changed it still does not disable the option, i tried all combinations of options.

    Which means although it looks like its working, it does not change the basic option and therefore is useless.

  • The Right Thing for Windows Admins..
    Perhaps some important notice:
    The Plugin Itself is called gpofirefox@extensions.org.xpi.. When you want to distribute it to users you have to copy it to C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Firefox\browser\
    Than the Plugin is loaded for the user but not aktivated. To aktivate it automatically you have to set lockPref("extensions.autoDisableScopes", 0); in mozilla.cfg To tell the Browser to load the cfg you have to create a local-settings.js file with these values:
    pref("general.config.obscure_value", 0);
    pref("general.config.filename", "mozilla.cfg");

    For more information to this look at this good documentation:

    After that you can administer firefox via reg keys.. aka group policy template.. But have a look, the template has some small minor bugs..

    Greetz and Thank you for the Plugin..

  • Someone extended this Plugin to handle some issues. I used it for a couple of years, and with this custom extension it becomes even better! If you need it try to google for something like gpofirefox extended.

  • BUT im experiencing some issues:
    1) The Extensions is always hidden from Extensionslist
    2) Seetings which do not already exist are not written to firefox. Pls improve this!

  • Works great with FF19...
    Any instructions on automatically installing the Add-in to all computers in the org?

  • 5星扩展,对参数学习的一个必备扩展!
    5stars,helpful to argument learning!

  • Works perfect under firefox 15, but added this addon to Firefox 16.1. It disapper from the addon list or extension list. Does not seem to have any effect at all

  • This add-on does not seem to be compatible with firefox version 14.0.1. Can anyone confirm that?

  • Added this addon to Firefox 13.0.1. It disapper from the addon list or extension list. Do not seems to have effect at all

  • After a bit of work, everything seems to be good.
    I create a gpo, where I force the installation of the plugin for all my computer and I hide the plugin from the toolbar (because i dont want my users/administrators remove this plugin) so now, if anyone download firefox, I force a minimum of configuration. (for firefox version 10 to last one)

  • Working fine with Firefox 12

    I used it with the admin template from mozilla and it is working fine. My only issue is that this Addon is working right now per user. I need to find a way to :
    1- Deploy it (the addon) on many computer (neer 500).
    2- Maki it work per computer instead of per user.

    Srtill searching for those two things but I confirm that it is working with Firefox 12 with the adm file per user.


  • This add-ons doesn't work with Firefox 11.0.
    I've tried to install the add-on and restart Firefox but the add-ons never appear on the list!!!

    Does anyone else have that issue?

  • Works brilliantly until firefox 9 disabled third party add-ons by default so now if the user doesn't manually install the add-on that is used to apply the GPO settings then they are not set. Is there a way in which to disable this feature in FF 9 so that third party add-ons are not automatically disabled so that I can administer FF settings again?

  • Sehr tolles Add-On, habe es mit der firefox.adm im Einsatz und muss sagen, dass es wirklich hilfreich ist! Habe es mit der beschriebenen ADM-Datei im Einsatz und es erleichtert die Arbeit sehr. Weiter so!

    Einziges Manko ist jedoch, dass es nicht im Add-On-Bereich gezeigt wird. Es wird der FF 9 verwendet. Ist das ein Kompatibilitätsproblem?

  • Excellent add-on for managing. Customizable for nearly all entries in about:config. Would be nice to be able to control other things, like access to about:config, installation of personas and deployment of Bookmarks, but this can be achieved (I believe) only if Mozilla put in the functionality (config settings for these options). Have been using it since 3.6.3 (through to 3.6.15), trialing on 4RC, seems good so far. May need an updated adm for 4 RC's newer config options.

  • Works fine with 3.6.3. Very nice. But don't works with 3.6.10....

  • Life-saver. Fully functional with the latest edition of Firefox 3.6.3. Add the add-on, add the adm to GPO, configure, gpupdate on end computer, and wala. Thanks killer.