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  • This is the first time ever I post comments an extension, although I've been using a lot of them, many of which deserved some nice words. This time I'm so pleased with "Google Redesigned" that I wanted to tell the whole world !
    I guess a lot of people will pass on this one (like I was tempted to) because it just sounds like another of those half-baked theme, out of sync with the ever changing google sites and, as for 90% of firefox's themes, plain ugly.
    But this is something completely different. I would never have expected such a change. Google is not only beautified, it's completely redesigned (hence the name :-), I'm now using features that I didn't now they existed, just because the extension makes them stands out in a useful way.
    Moreover, after installing, there was a little problem with unreadable texte (dark blue on black). I right-clicked the icon in the status bar, chose "Check for style update", and everything was fixed in a jiffy...
    Wonderful, really, I would urge everybody to at least try it, it's simply gorgeous.

    PS : My message to Google : hire this guy, your standard interface sucks big time.
  • Great addon! Love the new theme for Gmail. Please keep it up to date!
  • This is great, i love it ^^
    Thank u so much, keep updating ^^
  • Great Add-on for FF users using Gmail. Now, gmail labs provided a new feature "Inbox Preview". This preview comes just below the "loading..." part. As loading part comes exactly in the center of the window, the inbox preview is not visible properly and if we scroll, it is showing half black and half white. Please improve this.
  • I've never done a review before, but I just had to express myself on this one. It is absolutely gorgeus! Looks incredibly awesome. I was considering going over from GMail to another provider because I didn't like the GMail look, but well... Needless to say, this addon is amazing. Great job. Everyone should have this one, since your update fixed the menu buttons there is nothing to complain at. I'm loving it!
  • Englisch:
    It looks goot, but can you redisign the normal google serch too?
    Siet gut aus, aber kannst du die normale google suche auch redisignen?
  • This is incredibly classy. I love it
  • Looks awesome, but what happened to the buttons on the left for Sent Mail, Drafts, et al? They're now just links that go dark blue after being visited -- and are completely illegible against the dark background.
  • Tres bon add-on dommge que l'on ne puisse pas modifier certaine couleur car le texte en bleu clair sur des boutons noir c'est pas très vivible
  • so cool !!!
  • Very professional looking add-on, wonderful look, I hope the author extends his stylings to the rest of Google.
  • Please fix it to make it work with Iconix (http://www.iconix.com/).
  • Este addonn es realmente increible, cambia por completo y de manera exquisita a GMail y Google Reader!
    El punto en contra es que no es editable por el usuario.. pero los diseñadores de Google Redisegned se la idearon para hacer esto innecesario ya que es espectacular el rediseño!!
  • Looks amazing. I hope you eventually get all of Google to look awesome like this!
  • Hungry in RAM, +10 MB when I start Firefox 3.0.10.
  • It may be a good extension but the "fr" locale is filled with English strings and stupid automatic translation. Please get yourself some decent human translators on http://www.babelzilla.org
  • This is an excellent addon, I've found on Appearance category in Addons page. I really love it. The GUI is also very good. And it also provides more options.
  • This is a really nice theme and design. Am simply a great fan of the creator. Hats off man!
  • With this extensionn I can't find a way to open my "folders" made in better gmail 2 with the folders4gmail option on. :( it worked before this. Can this be corrected plz, I really would love to use this add on
  • Excellent add-on. I really wish there were more add-ons of the same class.
  • This is a slick makeover of three of the major components of Google world. I'd love to see the skin expanded to Google Notebook and Google documents. Also hope that Globex will consider some "redesigns" in blue, though I really do like the dark grey. Very fine work.
  • It looks awsome, I can't wait to try it. Please add support for 3.1b3
  • I absolutely LOVE it!!! I love the colors and sleekness of every feature. This is great!
  • la visual de google es un descanso para mi vista =), hasta ahora no he encontrado ningun error.

    como el hombre es ambisioso, estaria bueno que puedan aplicar esto al mismo buscador, seria genial

    excelente trabajo muchachos, los felicito
  • Me parece genial, pero o puedo instalarlo para mi gmail porque no es compatible con Firefox 3.1b3...Estoy a la espera de una pronta actualización. Gracias