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  • Me gusta, acabo de instalarlo en mi portatil, y en el sobremesa.

  • Love this addon, but sorry, really *not* liking the new update, specifically that the menu bar along the top has changed from black to white. Please change it back, or give an option for a choice. Thank you.
    Please ensure you click on the little GR icon in the bottom right corner of your browser and choose "Check for style updates". This was a style bug that was fixed in a recent update.
  • Outstanding addon!! Have used it almost forever.
  • Excellent redesign. But...
    My CPU loads about 50% every time I use it. All freezes.

    All was Ok, but recently something happened and I can't use it anymore : (
    Any solutions?
    Does it help when you disable "Use Smooth Scrolling" in Firefox options?
  • Hi, sorry, I tried to post to the support website but was unable. I love the look!!! However, it pegs my CPU to 100%. I did not change anything - used it straight outa the box and I had to uninstall it. I have W2k, AMD Semptron 3100 with 1.24gb of RAM and 800M is free.Mozilla is 3.6.12.Is there a tweak I can do? May I try a prior version?Thanks so much!

    Okay, the problem is resolved when you unclick "use smooth scrolling" located in firefox->tools->options->advanced->general tab->mid way down
  • I'm using GR for a very long time and really love if! But I miss it in FF4..
  • Totally one of my favorite addons. Please update for FF4!
  • Hi!
    I have used I.E. my entire time on my computers! My son kept telling me that Mozilla Firefox was,"The Bomb". I got tired of his constant urging, and caved in to trying it. UNBELIEVABLE!!! It opened an entire new way,and faster way,
    of using both the computer,and in far less time! Ignorance is NOT bliss, it's very time consuming, doing unnecessary work, and being stupid! One for my kid! ( he isn't a kid,he's 23 yrs. old)!, but will always be my kid. I'm in heaven now, GREAT to be able to do so much more and in less time! Thanx!
  • I love this addon, it works perfectly on Gmail & Calendar, but why it DOES NOT work on google reader??
    Yes. The addon works with Google Reader too.
  • This is, hands down, the ~best~ restyling of google's services I've ever come across. I've been using Globex's designs for ages now and I can no longer stand to look at my gmail (and other services) without it.

    Thank you!!!!!!
  • I dont know why BG69FU says it's not free,membership is just for development versions and extra themes.Have been using for a while,looks gr8,thanx
  • Perfect...
  • Me parece muy buena la interfaz de usuario. El rediseño de gmail.
    Lo probaré para comprobar que no pierde funcionalidades.
    thanks for this excelent job
  • I think one of the things that this addon is missing is the option to choose only the calendar or only gmail for a redesign.

    I personally only wanted to redesign my calendar and I won't use this addon because I can't choose ONLY my calendar.
    (gmail have a very good skin system already thankyouverymuch! :-3)
    You can turn individual styles on and off from the GR menu. Take a look at http://www.globexdesigns.com/products/gr/howtouse.php
  • The first issue is that I can not see the html image in my signature with google redesigned. When I disable the add on I can see the html image again.

    The second issue and this is almost a deal breaker is that with the new update it makes my typing in gmail so slow it is almost unbearable. Again when the add on is disabled the problem goes away.

    Please fix and i'll give you 5 stars.
  • I've been a Gmail Redesigned lover for ages, however there seems to be a glitch with blank canvas Gmail signatures, whereby I cannot see the html loaded image in my signature with redesigned on
  • i like it except when i'm chatting. the text is white on light yellow background. VERY HARD TO READ. please fix this.
    Please ensure your Gmail > Settings > Themes is set to Classic and try again.
  • This gives a much cleaner interface for Gmail and makes it much easier to use once you get used to it. The only detraction is when Google does some changes to its web site Google Redesigned may look a little funky for a bit until it catches up with Google's changes and issues and update. Lately they have been pretty quick to Googles' changes. You also must be aware that it generally can't be used with other GMail improvement add-ons because they interact wrong with each other in reformatting the Google site. Other than that I have been using it for over 6 months and can only say positive things about it's much more friendly look and interface when using GMail. Try it, you'll like it!
  • Please update this for Firefox 4.0.
  • Takes a bit of getting used to
  • I used this add on for a while up until I purchase a HD laptop (screen resolution is 1920 by 1080). The menu bars and buttons aren't display well and hard to read the text. If you can, fix this on the next update so I can enjoy this add-on once again.
  • I used this add on for a while up until I purchase a HD laptop (screen resolution is 1920 by 1080). The menu bars and buttons aren't display well and hard to read the text. If you can, fix this on the next update so I can enjoy this add-on once again.
  • I love this add-in but the Contacts page has such a dark background that I cannot see my contact. If not for the highlighted names when doing a mouse over it would impossible to see them.
  • I would like to know if you will design new color themes for redesign, this is awesome it works well but needs more colors... just a thought :o) thanks
  • I love the look of my Gmail with this add-on. I did notice however that it seems to make Gmail much slower. I found this odd because all the other CSS styles (in Stylish) that I use on other websites typically do not make that website page significantly slower.