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  • Loved this add-on till last week. Superstars (Google Lab) does not work correctly now. Instead of the choice of colored stars and icons for organizing email, I have only 3 choices: full Red star, strange horizontal "half star" and no star at all. When I disable this add-on, my original, colored stars reappear. Am tempted to uninstall entirely if this issue doesn't resolve soon.
    **Update**: The Good News: Superstars Lab is now working again. The Bad News: Like Amed01 mentioned, the latest update caused a "garble font" to appear in text boxes. After trying other FF workarounds, I had to disable Google Redesigned again to get rid of this. Email searches and even "To:" fields in emails appear as nonsense symbols.
  • This is a fantastic add-on, very aesthetically pleasing and utility-enhancing.
  • Some strange look with the options in the left menu, inbox, chats, drafts, etc. when hovering the mouse it pops up, looks ugly, what has happened???, But the worst thing is that apparently because of all these changes google redesigned slows down my gmail, and I hate that, I am not using google redesigned anymore until this gets fixed, hope soon, it was getting better everytime but now it just got worse, What is wrong???
    It's possible Google is making updates to Gmail. We aren't able to reproduce the issue yet, but we'll fix it as soon as it hits our accounts. For bug reports please use: http://www.globexdesigns.com/bugtracker/
  • Sorry about this being a bug report, but support at Globex Design is not available at present.Google Redesigned really improves the look of the Google utilities, except in my case for Reader. The white-out type in the subscriptions list (except for the one selected) and on the bars and menus at the top of the page is not showing. This is in Firefox 5 on Windows 7, XP, and on a Linpus netbook. The problem appears in both the default theme and my preferred Foxdie theme. Google Redesigned is v0.7, confirmed as the latest.

    Ignore all that. My fault entirely. I forgot I also had PureReaderForFirefox installed. This has a cleaner, nicer interface for news reading, but is obviously not restrained by catering for providing an interface to a suite of programs such as Google Redesigned. I believe at one time it co-existed nicely with Google Redesigned - with GR turned off for the Reader element - but I guess recent updates to GR have now prevented the full display by PureReader whether GR is set to influence Reader or not. Turning off PureReader has given me the full utility of Google Reader again.
  • I have always liked this add on and have never had a problem with it. Are there any plans for skinning Google+?
  • I wondered why I couldn't see my appointments on Calendar this morning; then I saw Google-Redesigned "updated" to the "new" calendar look (which I find unusable). Please allow a "classic view" option like GCal does; I had to uninstall just to get the "classic view". Too bad; will miss the dark theme.
  • Top menu have a strange look/font...

    An style update was released this afternoon to fix this issue.
  • This add-on was good with it was first release, however, its now a piece of trash.
  • I feel lost when not activated. Waiting for next release .07bis for FF 5. (See Desactivation at second launch)
  • Works with FireFox 5 UNTIL the second restart of Firefox (after the initial restart downloading the extension). Can this be fixed?
  • Miss this great add-on...needs updating for Firefox 5
    It's just waiting for Mozilla approval. They're delaying the release. That's no reason to give a "great addon" only 3 stars. :(
  • Wonderful.

    Google's technologies are great, but its screens still bear the signs of having been designed by techies. G-Redesigned does a good job of remedying this deficit.
  • Please, add multi-column menu, add some redesign (stock menu looks boooring) and an option to hide menu momentally, after mouse cursor gets off the menu in hover mode. Thank you.
    Google Redesigned does not have the ability to add additional functionality to any interfaces. We only change the appearance of what is already there. The features that you ask for are features that you should ask from Google directly. This is not possible in our add-on.
  • it is my favorite extension, looks nice and useful, but it crashes firefox4 every time my laptop switches its videocards (Intel/Ati, win 7HP)
  • In the list of Labels the small dropdown that allowed you to change label colors, etc. is no longer visible. Is there a fix for this, by any chance? Thanks!
    This issue has been fixed in a recent Gmail Redesigned style update.
  • I love it, my only problem is I wish it didnt load everything up in a new tab, is there any way to stop it doing that? So when i go from Mail to Reader it uses that tab?
    This has nothing to do with Google Redesigned. Go to Firefox > Options > Tabs and see if you can find something there.
  • Awesome,looks so fantastic!
  • Awesome designs for google services, I use it for Gmail mainly
  • Beautiful design for the Google services. I use it for Gmail.
  • Is it just me or does Google Redesigned's interface in GMail feel a bit laggy in Firefox 4? Did not experience this in 3.6
  • I love it, it looks and works great! Awesome job!
  • I love this addon

    (I hate when I have to use any google services without it)

    My problem right now is that I don't like the new way that google has the gDocs, you can click "older version" and then it has more typical folders and such - but then the redesign doesn't work for that part of the page!

    I know that was a google chance (and not from this addon), but it would be nice if maybe that could be fixed in a later release?

    Still Love It!!
  • come on ............ its a disaster .... letters tiny .......... no contrast ................... mail pane too narrow .............
  • scrolling up and down google reader redisigned on firefox 4 RC is very difficult so maybe you could improve your add-on for firefox . otherwise nice design.
    thank you.
  • Can support for chrome?