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  • Every time the plugin is start in FF 9.0.1 as not compatible and I need to reinstall
  • Great Job Team.

    I seriously love your commitment and attitude in developing such a wonderful product. Thank You!!!
  • It's incredible good, I thought Google's new design will have this extension outdated for long, but it's already working and looking better than before.
    Great work, and thanks for this addon, these are pages we use a lot everyday and make our work a little bit happier.
  • I have been using this extension for a few years and really enjoyed the black, grey and orange look of this extension.
    However with the arrival of the new look gmail, this extension did not work very well and I sort of complained in an earlier post here.
    Well, the designer of this extension seems to have been working very hard.
    With regular updates in the past month, the look and feel have improved considerably.
    I'm on version 0.9 ( 4.2.6 ) with the Gmail theme "Dusk" and the look is great (like the old one).
    Evgueni, great work and please keep at it !!!
  • This was once a beautiful change to the old gmail layout and appearance, but it has been sadly compromised. The crazy one-after-the-other Firefoxs 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10..... They can't keep up and the look is a sad compromise. Hope it works out eventually because the current hybrid of gray dark Redesigned with elements of baby-blue New Gmail are not so great.
  • An essential complement to Firefox. Dramatically improve the Gmail interface.
  • There is no way to access Contacts with this add-on and the "new" gmail look; very frustrating!
  • For Gmail power-users, I suspect the benefits of Google's new sleek design will tip the balance in its favor for many over this addon, whose now comparatively glaring slow load time is now too difficult to justify.

    Good karma for having made Gmail a lot less ugly for a long time, farewell to a good addon whose time has come.
  • I found this when the forced change in gmail look was announced, I tried it with the new look preview, couple of minor glitches but I'm sure they will be worked out. I'm definitely sticking with this.
  • I love it. It looks professional, is user-friendly, and is very easy to read.

    Unfortunately Google re-designed their own Google Reader (Nov 1, 2011) that makes it look worse than it did with just this plug-in, but hopefully that will be addressed.
  • Fantastic. Love the theme.

    The only thing that could make this better would be Google+ support. There's no good themes for that yet and I'd love it if it were included with this package.

    That aside, amazing job! fast, stable and it appears as though you fixed the compatibility problem with the latest Firefox.
  • Works great!
    1. Needs the option to choose from a variety of color choices, or a least an option to have a light background instead of a dark one.
    2.Needs the option to turn off or on for different google services. For example, if I want it for google mail.but not for google reader.
    2. You can already do this by clicking on the Google Redesigned icon and check un-checking the style you want deactivated.
  • With Firefox 7.0.1 you have to reinstall it every time you start Firefox. It still shows up in the extensions menu just shows as incompatible. And the Lifehacker fix does not work on it.
  • Just edit the rdf file. Change "maxVersion>6.*" to "maxVersion>7.*"

    Google Redesigned


  • Great addon, great idea, great everything! What it needs is some love for FF v7.
    You may want to look at: http://lifehacker.com/5845069/add+on-recovery-tool-restores-missing-add+ons-in-firefox-7

    It's not the extensions fault. Google Redesigned is fully Firefox 7 compatible.
  • Gmail & the calendar look really great w/ this add-on.
  • Всё работает, всё очень красиво! Но страница с открытым gmail'ом очень медлено работает. Медленный переход из папки в папку, даже скрол работает с тормозами.Спасибо! (Версия 0.8)
  • Any given link does not work again. I went to 6.0 and I am stuck with a non working 0.7 *bummer*
  • The link addons44 posted didn't work for me, the download button on the versions page redirects back to version 0.7...
    However, I found this link that does work (thanks to angifitz): https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/downloads/file/129223/google_redesigned-0.8-fx+tb+sm.xpi?src=version-history
    Happy user of 0.8 now :-)
  • Thanks so much for the link, addons44! I have to wonder why the page for the updated version is hidden (AGAIN!!!) and not linked from the main GR addon page, or the Globex site? With the new Firefox update regime this will come up again all too frequently
  • Awesome, thanks!
  • For version 0.8, see https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/google-redesigned/versions/
    Works with FF6.0
    Now the supposed "fix" for the fonts issue has reinstated the "all emails starred" issue from the previous release of Google Redesigned. So now it's doing *both* things wrong.

    Second update in a row that has rendered Gmail useless. In addition to the simplex-style font, now there is no difference in appearance between read and unread mail. (No bold for unread mail as previously shown). I have to disable Google Redesigned just to see what mail is new and what isn't. The last update's issue (emails becoming starred) was minor and just inconvenient compared to this. I've uninstalled it completely, and won't be reinstalling it again until I can see on one of my secondary / test machines that this has actually been fixed.(The appearance is that Gmail is being asked to use a font that isn't native to the system, so it is defaulting to a Simplex font with no ability for bold, highlighting, etc...)
  • I was so stoked for this add-on until about last week when all of my fonts in gmail went crazy. Some are BOLD, some aren't. Once I disabled the add-on, everything went back to normal. Zoinks.. hope you guys fix this soon!
    This should now be fixed.
  • UGH! How do I get rid of this terrible font that appeared after this latest update (8/12)??
    This should now be fixed.