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  • Still not working.
  • For some reason it stopped working 2 days ago .. in FF and Google Chrome but in Google Chrome it's working again but not in FF .. it's a beautiful extension and I miss it in FF
  • Was great when it was working ! Now all the css have gone kaput... Do get this up and running soon.
  • Great extensions for Google Reader and Mail - makes reading news easier on the eye. Thank you
  • Love it when i get it to work.

    Right now it stopped working for me, I even tried to uninstall and then reinstall it again without result.
    The CSS to get the better look doesn't work for me. I also don't get tools menu options to work, if i deactivate that function, active it again (I have to restart FF between each of those steps) i can see the "link" in the tools menu but I can't access any options.

    Anyone that has any suggestions about what to do?
  • I can't use my GMail without it anymore, and the new design is Mmmm sexy.
    I just wish the drop down menu under "Move to" could be expanded so I don't have to scroll down if the folder I want to select starts with x or z for example.

    5 stars
  • Does not work in FF as of 7-11-2012.
    Spent hours trying to find out why the Text in my Settings Page was invisible...(IE White Text on a White Background).
    ..I mean HOURS!

    Just uninstalled this app, and restarted and everything back to being readable.

    Wish I knew this before I spent time I could have spent watching the Kardashians
    It sounds like you may have had a Gmail Theme enabled before installing Google Redesigned. Because there are so many of them, we probably missed a style for that particular theme in that particular view.

    If you can tell us what theme you're using we can fix this right away.
  • This addon no longer works correctly since FF 12 came out.

    All styles seem to be disabled and to get them to work on the google sites you have to disable the style then enable it again. Kinda pointless if you have to constantly do this.

    I made a bug report but the developer(s) don't seem to understand the issue so I removed the addon since its broken and they don't seem to want to fix it.

    BTW I use FF 13 for linux not wincrap
  • I am using FF13 and Google Redesigned v1.8, and the email works fine, but when viewing my contacts, the text is set to white, so I effectively can't read my list of contacts.

    I have to press Ctrl-A to highlight all text in order to read anything.

    I understand that this extension is free, but if you introduce huge bugs like this and don't fix them, why bother?
  • I absolutely loved this add-on, unfortunately it stoped working with FF 12. Even the latest version (1.8) of Google Redesigned doesn't work with my FF 12.
  • I've been a long time fan of googleredesigned and I have to say that release 1.7 is the most beautiful one yet.

    Kudos guys, it's absolutely fantastic!
  • Great google add-on for firefox. I can manage my google account using this add-on. From the name itself, google is redesigned. Google products became more pleasing to the eyes. You easily manage your gmail using this add-on. You can also directly click google calendar, reader and docs on this add-on. :P
  • Thanks. Resolve quickly
  • Absolutely love this, no more scorched eyeballs. Version 1.7 is working, hallelujah!
  • Woohoo, works like a dream - thanks.
  • To all users with problems after the last update: try the 1.7 version (at your own risk!)

    This is not official (yet), but working like a charm for me!
  • not working in FF12, my ocd is getting out of control, pls help, tx!
  • Not working in FF12. is there a work around or manual install for the gmail theme?
  • FF12 - i see no change in any of the google apps. 1st install apparently worked as i saw some changes to the apps. but, i use Internet Download Manager and it intercepted your gz updates. i had to stop the intercept in IDM. so i figured that this add-on was not updated. i uninstalled it and reinstalled it, but had issues in even getting the button to appear in the toolbar. finally went to about:config to see that the parameters said this add-on was installed even though it wasn't, but resetting those parameters has not helped, i still see no changes like my initial install.
  • not working on firefox 11
  • I saw absolutely no change in the appearance, layout, or functionality of Gmail, Google Search, or Google Reader.
  • Everything looks great, I love it, except for one thing. I have noticed that with Google redesigned you can not see text when going in to setting functions. Every time I want to change a setting in my email I have to disable Google redesigned, What can I do to change that?
  • Looks awesome so far. Please make it so we can collapse the right side of the google calendar and it would be perfect.
  • First off, the "redesign" of Google by this CSS addon caused dialogs to be overlapped and inaccessible, but what REALLY lead me to post this awful review of an awful "featured" addon is the fact that parts of the CSS stylings remain after disabling and then removing this awful addon.
    Thanks, now I get to dig around my computer to clean up the crap your awful addon left behind.
    Google Redesigned does not the support the mobile version of Gmail.
  • Great addon but not completely compatible with FF 9.0.1. Disables itself. When addon page is opened FF says that an update will be installed on restart. When restarted the addon works but on the next restart the addon is disabled due to incompatibility.