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  • Beautiful design, my only issue is that the selected folder (Inbox, Starred, Spam...) looks very odd. The icon gets centered and the button isn't skinned properly.
  • What a difference. Gmail doesn't look like a data entry form from Windows 3.1 back in 1994 any more.
  • awesome!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Please created this for other Google services too. I'm especially waiting for Search redesigned. By the way, this is best add-on I have ever installed in Firefox (In terms of designs and interface)
  • Can't believe this is still in the sandbox. 5+ and waiting for more supported google services.
  • nice look thx...
    but i want to change color.... make it !
  • really pretty cool
    like colorful tabs

    bring more bright colors into ur life )
  • Works very nice ...i love it...keep up the good work.
  • love it except that the vacation responder alert distorts the layout a bit.
  • Very well done!
  • Very Nice. Although i would like to see an iGoogle theme to compliment this.
  • Anyonee got info as to why this skin is only loading some of the images needed.

    I just keep getting "This Account Has Exceeded Its CPU Quota" message when I visit his site.

    Absolute awesome skin, would be a shame if he can't get the support needed.

  • Wow. Beautiful, easy on the eyes and nerves with colors that don't offend the eye after many hours of repetitive use. The subtle shading and color useage in Google Calendar is exceptional! Aestheticly and functionally superior to Google original design.
    Google should hire them to do "theme" options for Gmail like they have for iGoogle.
  • absolutely super design. all you need is better support.
  • Absolutely wonderful! This is by far the best gmail skin to date. It looks very professional and is easy to use.
  • The Globex Design site went belly-up on Aug 20th, disabling about half of the features that make Google Redesigned worth having. Not good. Not good at all.
  • an error occurred while trying to find updated for Google Redesigned.
  • an error occurred while trying to find updated for Google Redesigned.
  • My only gripe is with some of the calendar settings... they font colors make it hard to read sometimes
  • I've been using the author's userstyles for quite some time now and they are SO much better than Google's GUIs. It's great that he's developed an extension for easier updating.
  • Está muy bueno, con algunos detalles por salvar, claro!!!
  • The download is broken
  • Muy bueno, faltan algunos pequeños detalles pero el aspecto es muy bueno. Gracias.
  • جیمیل به این زیبایی !!
  • Very classy!