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  • I like it. Black is nice. I'd like to see more google stuff with it, like docs.
  • The theme add on was much more functional than this whole themed suite... Causing some real slow down for me
  • Initially, I had some trouble getting this to work when Gmail officially released their new skins/themes. After some experimenting, I found that the add-on will look okay if you apply it after you have loaded Gmail's "space theme". Hope this helps.
  • Awesome, all of my friends look in envy at my G-Mail account
  • genial gran complemento
  • I really like the design and I haven't had any problems other than the images take a little while to load. Otherwise, it is AMAZING!
  • The graphics won't load for me because they are hosted on their site, which is currently down. The graphics should have been made available within the extension. More than a speed issue (local graphics will definitely load faster), its a security issue of loading stuff from another site.
  • The most beautiful thing I have found in the last times for a useful thing like Gmail.
  • Improvement over the recent update from better gmail. But the starred mails are not directly viewable anymore
  • Such a great addon, but the server is currently down, and most of the images in the skin link directly to the server, so some of the problems people are having can be attributed to that.
  • awesome! fast loading & great looking skin! I love gmail...but this makes it so much better to look at! great job!
  • Looks great but you should fix the logo images and such asap. it makes it seem like it's been forgotten as a project.

    dont link the images to your server if thats taken the BW out of you.
  • I have the same problems as Foka. I don't see the "Gmail logo, Inbox, Starred, Chats,... buttons have lost the 3D effect?" Any suggestions?

  • It does not update. Always says: Could not connect to update server. Please try again later...
  • Excellent extension. Gmail is practically unuseable without - it is so ugly. Would be great if you found time to create some alternative colour schemes.
  • Excellent add-on. Google mail is pratically unuseable without it, it is so ugly. Would be great if you found time eventually for some alternative colour schemes.
  • Hi,

    i am working with this new add-on, it's very nice, but some how i don't see the Gmail logo and then Inbox, Starred, Chats,... buttons have lost the 3D effect?
    Any ideas what could be the problem!!

  • The best Gmail plugin. I've installed in a lot of computers, and ppl keep telling me "what did you do??? it's awesome!!!". Great job!
  • I get this error:

    Firefox could not install the file at


    because: Unexpected installation error
    Review the Error Console log for more details.

    What does this mean?
    Cool add-on though!
  • Its really nice. I have this since before it was an official add-on.

    I've spot a little problem though with a user script called Google Calendar Seamless Integration. It open a duplicate of the web page instead of juste one.

    I'm notifying you and the creator of the user script.
  • I have been using the redesign for for a month, and I am lovin it...no problems with it at all. Great work!
  • Wow really wonderful design
  • I like it. Works fine at me.
  • looks awesome, might even make me switch to fully using gmail! I never liked the crappy interface it has by default!
  • excelent.. no problem detect.. ^^